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Episode 29: Fat Orcs are Best

And so are fat podcasts! This one clocks in at just a bit over 3:40:00 so get ready for a chunky episode that's full of news, analysis, Reavers, and squishy water! It's the Reaver Roundtable and our guests are large and in-charge of the madness (and therefore, also responsible for it). Also up is a look at the Riders of Rohan Dev Diaries including a massive one about changes to the Ettenmoors. Enjoy it all on this episode of Through the Palantir.

You can download this episode here.

And check out a blog post from one of guests that was inspired by the Roundtable here.


  1. great show as always now im really sad i only have the one year skin for my suicidal freever. o what is squishy water?

  2. Enjoyed the show, even if it was a long time in coming. ;)

    This is all of the Class Roundtables now isn't it? Suppose now there's not much else to talk about until Rohan comes out..

  3. Squishy water is available at Sonic. They call it "Ocean Water" and the stuff is addictive. I recommend you get the Route 44 size.

    And the devs release a lot of Developer Diaries and stuff before thye launch expansions so there will be plenty of news to dissect.