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Episode 14: Avoiding Winterhome

The first Episode of 2011 by TTP comes roaring out the gates without a main topic!!! But fear not for we have much content! Catch up with Ivaneus, Matthrim, and Drilorin as they describe their exploits over the break and get into an in depth discussion on the new raid content slated for Quarter 1 and Instance reward systems. So buckle up and hang onto your eyebrows 'cause we are back!

You can download Episode 14 here.


We Have Returned

Well despite all of our grand aspirations to record sometime in December nothing came of it for a variety of reasons.
First and foremost, Matthrim and I also moved (from one end of Singapore to another but a move is a move!) and this caused us to have no internet access/time for stuff from January 1st until the 5th or 6th (whatever that Thursday after the 4th was).

The second was that even though he moved well before us, Drilorin continues to languish in a network less domicile. Naturally, this makes recording anything difficult.

However we hope to have Drilorin provided with access to the Internet and all of its . . . stuff, s00n.

In other news Drilorin's account was hacked. He has submitted tickets for all the lost items he could remember but damage has been done. Once again we at Through the Palantir would like to remind you that:

1) Safety is never 100% guaranteed

2) Keep your password secret, and keep it safe! Upper and lower case characters; numbers symbols and letters; English, Chinese, Arabic, and Korean characters. All of these will help keep you safe from being hacked but refer to point #1.

3) Make sure your virus scanning and firewall protection are up to date and working as a key logging program will render all the work of point #2 worthless.

We hope to record and post Episode 14 ASAP and Matthrim and I will have a new segment done shortly. In the meantime, Good Luck and Have Fun.