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The Duels are Up!

I have finally finished Editing my version of the Duels from Episode 7 (Drilorin was done a few weeks ago) and you can now watch them! Links have been included in the Episode 7 show notes and the videos are embedded in this post.


Episode 8: Beach Sports and Martinis in the Necromancer's Tower?

For once we are on schedule and under our time limit! It must be Superior Editing™!!! Join Ivaneus, Matthrim and Drilorin as they continue to sift through the major changes that F2P will bring and express their thoughts and opinions about anything and everything. We also want to wish Casual Stroll to Mordor well on the anniversary of their podcast and their 50th Episode! Congratulations Merric and Goldenstar. You guys are outstanding.

You can download Episode 8 here.


Episode 7: We've Created a Paradox! (Matthrim Edition)

Follow Ivaneus, Matthrim, and Drilorin as they start recording exactly two weeks after recording Episode 6. But will they be able to reach the 2 hour Episode goal? Not if our procrastination has anything to say about it! Join us as we crunch our way through game news, beta news, the NDA, pickles, and the space-time continuum itself! In this Episode we go through a slew of tell the community teams finishing off the free people's classes, discuss the major class changes from the Beta and the lifting of the NDA, and dissect the dev diaries on the upcoming instance revamp. And we will succeed in making next episode only 2 hours long. Maybe.

You can download Episode 7 here.

Watch Drilorin's view here or you can watch Ugmog's perspective here.


We ran into some problems uploading the Episode and the first version linked here was 5 hours long and contained loops of the same content, probably from the multiple disconnection hiccups. That problem is now fixed but you'll probably need to look at that helpful guide again to get the appropriate version of the Episode.

Still more problems, but as Bilbo would say, "Third time pays for all."