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Episode 5: Melodrama, Moors, and Manatees

At long last, the Ettenmoors Episode is here! With all of its 4 hour glory, this episode is not for the faint of heart! Join Ivaneus, Matthrim, Drilorin, Ugmog, and their Manatees as they introduce you to the zone known as the Ettenmoors and the part of the game known as PvMP. Our intrepid band also tackles Lotro's move to free to play and gives you all the details. You can find maps of the Ettenmoors on our blog and don't forget to vote on our poll regarding how long our episodes should be.

You can download Episode 5 here.

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Edit by Drilorin: Found that screenshot I mention during the orc stealth segment.


Through the Palantir and the free to play announcement

It is officially happening and we know about it.
It will be in Episode 5.
And I'm not going to speak for anyone else as far as it goes.
If you're looking for more information then try some of these links:

The official announcment

letter from the producer

Interview with Turbine employees

another interview

You'll find out about our opinions on this when Episode 5 is released. In the meantime, stay calm and don't rage quit.


Episode 5: Delays, Mayonnaise, and why our barbecue sauce isn't bold enough.

Hey everyone it has been a while since anyone spoke recently on the blog, mostly because I'm the only one with both the time and the means and I was waiting for someone else to say something for once.

Here's what's been going on on our side of the palantir lately:
1) Due to Matthrim's misinformation about Drilorin's schedule we've been trying to get Episode 5 recorded at all the wrong times and therefore didn't get anything done until Monday when we recorded the first part of this mammoth.
2) Matthrim and Drilorin have been very busy with exams and the end of the school year. This has prevented Drilorin from getting anything to do with the podcast done.
3) We have found some flaws in our blogging system relating to permissions and the ability to post. These are: A) That I only have the power to post and cannot do things like update the poll and links etc. B) Matthrim can't even do what I do. We are trying to get this fixed but with the aforementioned scheduling problems, this has been nearly impossible (despite being priority Alpha).

But we have good news! First is that we have recorded about 1/3rd of the Episode already. The second is that Summer will be fully upon us by Friday and both Matthrim and Drilorin will no longer be distracted from the busy podcasting schedule I dream of putting them to *cracks whip and cackles maniacally*. We do now have a definite date that there is no room for confusion about and that is this Sunday, the 6th of June (Dun Dun Dun D-DAY!!!!) where we will storm the beaches of the Hoardale river in order to breach the confusion held shores of PvMP and bring the light of clarity, brevity, and comprehension to the masses!!!!!
*cough* I think I got a little carried away there . . . *cough*
Anyway, I would ask that you send us all of your questions regarding PvMP to either the email (the address is on that side ---> ) or as a comment right here. We need more input from our listeners . . .
. . . Okay! *I* want more input from our listeners! Are you happy now guilty conscience which causes me to waste space writing out a version of my inner thought process when I attempt to implicate my co-hosts in my own machinations?
Well I've rambled enough for now. Expect Episode 5 next week for sure. And we will see you in middle earth. Maybe.

-Ivaneus, the one who types too rapidly for his own good if he wishes to present a calm and intelligent demeanor to the Interwebz . . .

P.S. I lied about the condiments. We're saving those for later.