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Changes and Improvements

As you all know Sound quality is an issue that we here at Through the Palantir care deeply about and have struggled with continually. But victory is now in sight!

With new advances in cloud computing based auto-editors, more practice, and superior formatting we are now proud to say that your audio experience is the greatest we can possibly offer!!!

As of Episode 16 this is what you can expect:

-Total Audio Immersion

-Blurred Vision due to enhanced Bass FX

-Rythm in your Gut

-The ability to hear dog whistles

-Swooning whenever Drilorin speaks

-An intense desire to revoke Matthrim's Speaking Privilages

-Delusions of grandeur revolving around "Tanking" and "Being the Best"

-The ability to smell rainbows

-double eardrums

-Hair Growth

-Enhanced emotional insight and empathy

And much more!!!

To deliver all of this goodenss to you, our listeners, with no loss of quality; all podcast episodes will now only be availible in WAV format. MP3 and MP4 simply aren't able to compress and decompress eveyrthing we have packed in without horrendous degradation of the product and we unanimously agreed that we could not settle for anything less than THE BEST!

Ivaneus and Through the Palantir

P.S. I slap floor