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Episode 36: Definitely Enlightening

Welcome back to another Episode of Through the Palantir! In this episode we discuss the first major patch to Rohan, how to Drive your Warsteed and not run into a tree, listener feedback and much, much more! Also, this episode only clocks in at a little over an hour so you won't need to warm up for a sitting marathon before tackling it. Enjoy!

You can download Episode 36 here.


Episode 35: Rise of Rohan

Welcome, my Lords, to the exit from Isengard! In this episode of TTPalantir we finally tackle the launch of the newest expansion of LOTRO. With Release notes, patch notes, and 2 weeks to digest, experience, and play Rohan there is a plenty of discussion and dissection of what we have found awaiting us on the rolling plains of the Mark. Get ready for a ton of game news!

You can download Episode 35 here.