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Concerning Ivaneus

Matthrim on Ivaneus:
Ivan is one for details. He analyzes what he finds deeply (and perhaps a little too much every now and again). He can keep up with all of the news and updates and what is going on in general. Ivan will take all of this and really be able to theorize some of the possible outcomes of the upcoming changes.
Drilorin, on Ivan:
Ivaneus. Dhagnus. Ugmog. I still don’t know what he goes by, but he’s our editor, monster play expert, and lore guru. Never one to leave his opinions at the door, he’s often at the other side of my scathing remarks and argumentative quibbles. He holds his own, and is purported to be the BEST. TANK. EVER.
Ivaneus on Ivaneus:
Ivaneus is the oldest member of Through the Palantir and was the final member added. He missed the first episode so that he could play contract Bridge with a former math teacher at his Bridge Club but has edited every single episode of the podcast and all the Lotro Reporter Segments. Ivaneus, by far, has the most experience on the Creep side of Lotro PvMP and the most experience leading PvMP raids. He is also the only member of the podcast to have hosted in game events, even though neither was spectacularly large.
Ivan has written 1 Lotro Reporter Segment and voices 5 characters. Ivaneus is definitely the second best voice actor, but does not possess the ability to do the same wide variety of accents that Drilorin does. In addition to his work editing the podcast, Ivan is also the one who does most of the Episode Outline write-up work and also does most of the topic writing for the show. He has also written-up a number of the topics for various Lotro Reporter Segments which are then handed off to Matthrim to serve as a starting point when writing the Segments. Ivan is also the one who is most involved in responding to emails, managing the blog, as well as the creation and correction of uploading errors for Episodes of the show.

Ugmog – Rank 10 Warleader
       Dhagnus – Dwarve Guardian, Level 82; Rank 4
Buai – Rank 6 Reaver
Gommug - Rank 5 Warleader
Ivaneus – Man Captain, Level 85; Rank 3
Gwercyn – Man Champion, Level 28; Rank 0