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The Logjam

First off, Through the Palantir is still not dead.

You may recall how in my last episode I spoke of moving to a new hosting service so that getting backed up etc. would not happen again?

Oh Irony, you are cruel.

Liberated Syndication has proven to be unsatisfactory for the hosting requirements of this podcast. This led to frustration and coupled with other distractions led to me wandering away for a while.

But as I write this, I currently have episode 47 still waiting to be posted up and episodes 48-51 are all on my editing table in various states of post editing.

I could have, should have fixed this sooner. But I am going to clear this logjam. And when I do, there will be a lot of content to show for it.

Sorry for the missed months, and sadly I think we're all used to schedule slip here. But once again I'll just have to put the past in the past and strive to do better in the future.


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