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The wheels are now turning.

Well we've got our links set up, the RSS is rolling and we are currently being reviewed for the Zune Marketplace, and are now on iTunes!

If there's anywhere else you want to be able to get the podcast just send an email to us and I'll make it happen.



Episode 1: The Journey Begins with Volume III

And here is our very first episode of Through the Palantir! Unfortunately, Ivaneus couldn't be with us for our premier episode, but he'll be joining us somewhere down the line. For the time being, however, it's just Drilorin and Matthrim.

- Drilorin

Download Episode One here.

In this Episode we: Introduce you to two of our hosts, Matthrim and Drilorin; Discuss our plans for the podcast; and go over the Volume III Book 1 Patch notes.

Look for Episode 2 after the release of Oath of the Rangers. Also note that we have set up an RSS feed for the podcast and that there are links to our Facebook and Twitter pages up on the blog.

See you soon!