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Concerning Drilorin

Matthrim on Drilorin:

Drilorin is probably the most skilled player on the Palantir team. He has the best gear of all of us and the most experience in instances. In short he plays more than either Matthrim or Ivan. In addition to that he is probably the easiest caster to socialize with.

Drilorin, on Drilorin:

Drilorin, everyone’s favorite host, is obviously the center of the podcast. It’s him that- Oh, sorry, no, that’s Drilorin Talks About Drilorin.

For Through the Palantir, I’m just one of the three of us. The way I see it, I’m the ‘game knowledge and experience’ expert, on the panel. Well, expert might be stretching it, but that’s my role. I’ve played the game the longest, I’ve got the most characters at 65, and I generally have the most playing time.
My main character was once Drilorin the dwarf guardian, my first 65, but I then moved on to Ardowen the elf huntress, my second. Now, though, I’m firmly behind Amdhorn, my 65 elf RK. I don’t see that changing, no matter how many new characters I bring to 65. I just find the class the most fun to play, I think, of them all. As I’ve said many a time, there’s something deeply satisfying about making things go boom. The healing’s nice too, and when we run three-mans, that’s my station. Amdhorn is also the character I’ve put the most work into by now. He’s got 5k morale and power, and is 600/600/500 for will/fate/vit, so I’m quite happy with where he is.
As for my personal life, I’m a high school senior as of the writing of this. For where I’m going in life, I do hope to become an actor, of some sort. I’ve even applied for Juilliard. In the very likely event that I don’t quite make the big time in TV or movies, what I’d really love to do is video-game voice acting. I love the industry, and I love voice acting - as evidenced by my enthusiasm for our LotRO reporter segments - so voicing characters for my favorite hobby seems to be a perfect fit for me. Who knows, maybe I’ll do something for LotRO 2, if it’s developed.
UPDATE: Well, I'm a college boy now, TTP fans. I'm majoring in Literature and minoring in creative writing, hoping to one day become a literary editor. I wouldn't give up voice acting, however, if the opportunity came along.
Ivaneus on Drilorin:
Drilorin is the one who was mostly responsible for getting Through the Palantir started. He also came up with the name “Through the Palantir” during our 1 hour ++ podcast title brainstorming session. He also plays the most characters, has the most characters at level cap, and has generally played more than the other two hosts.
In the Lotro Reporter Segments, Drilorin shows that he is the strongest voice actor of the three, doing the widest range of accents and speech patterns. He is tied with Ivaneus for most characters voiced (5) and has some of the most memorable characters from the segments (Speedwell, Flint, and Curunthir). Drilorin wrote the first lotro reporter segment and also did a gold making segment for the podcast Mordor or Bust before they went on hiatus.

Drilorin has left Through the Palantir and is no longer one of our hosts.