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Episode 6: It's Covered in Snow!

Travel back to the past with Ivaneus and Drilorin as they wade through the sea of Tell the Community Team community polls while Matthrim is on vacation. Everything concerning community news is already out of date so you can laugh as we talk about how great it will be when things that have already happened start (such as Summer of the Orc). In other news, Through the Palantir is moving to a bi-weekly schedule and attempting to trim all future Episodes down to approximately 1 hour and 58 minutes in length; and to all other Lotro Podcasters out there: If you can beat Episode 5 for length then you win several prizes and will force us to top you. Ye have been warned!

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Lacho Calad Kinsite

You can download Episode 6 here.



Summer of the Orc Reminder

Remember that Summer of the Orc starts today on the Brandywine server in the Ettenmoors at 9PM EST!

Although Ivaneus and Drilorin will not be there today, they will be there for all the other days of the event. Matthrim, however, should be there tonight.