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Episode 21: Update Moose

Once again the time has come to prepare yourselves to face another episode of Through the Palantir. This time Ivaneus will be working his way through some of the information surrounding the release of Update 5 and all that is coming therein as well as resuming the Ettenmoors walkthrough and finally cpping the entire production off with the announcement of a new contact system for Through the Palantir and a special . . . "gift" for the holiday season. So just sit back, grab some tea, and enjoy the ride.

You can download Episode 21 here.


Episode 20 Fixed

I would like to thank Morlag of Landroval for alerting me to the fact that more than 50% of Episode 20 had failed to upload (which explains why it only took 3 minutes to upload . . .). After being alerted to the issue I was able to find that the error was in the base MP3 file and that my editing software was not properly creating the MP3, cutting it off at about 16:48. After numerous failed attempts to fix this I went online and downloaded a new version of my editor, dumped the old one and that has solved the problem. The new version is up now so be sure to clear the faulty one and re-download the full version of Episode 20.

And Happy Thanksgiving!



Episode 20: No Superpowers, Transformations, or Illnesses

Join Ivaneus as he finally decides to take some action and get another podcast done all on his own. In this Episode he discusses what has happened over the past few months, the launch of Isengard, the status of his co-hosts, Matthrim Day, and the future. So settle in for what will hopefully be the return of a schedule to Through the Palantir!

You can download Episode 20 here.


Updates and Announcements

Hey everyone, Ivaneus here. I know we haven't had a new episode in some time so I want to bring you up to speed on what is currently going on and allay any worries that we may have called it quits (we haven't).

So here's what has been and will be happening in the past and future few weeks:

1) Malware attacks. Our blogsite got infected in the same round of attacks that temporarily took out CstM's site. Whether the original infection was on our site and passed to theirs or vice versa is something I do not know and don't care to know. What's more important is that both sites have been cleaned up and Google has declared the blog clean. So good news at the end of that.

2) Matthrim is pulling out of Through the Palantir for the foreseeable future. He basically claims he doesn't have time to podcast now (to which I respond that he hasn't even tried, more on that later) and in the interests of getting back to podcasting we'll let him go, if plan B turns out to still not work.

3) Speaking of plan B, I will be moving back to the United States of America for a bit over 1 month. There are familial reasons for this which I will not discuss here, but the move is not permanent, I will return to Singapore around December the 7th and remain here for the foreseeable future after that. But while I am in the USA, we will definitely see if getting a podcast schedule coordinated is easier.

4) Up until now, we have been totally unable to get together online a the same time to record a podcast. The last time we were all online together was during the first week after the launch of Isengard. Every time we have been online together the other two are saying we shouldn't record now so we haven't recorded. The problem is that although I have tried everything I can think of, the truth is that I have no way to impose my will upon my fellow co-hosts and compell them to get online and record (nor would I truly want to do that). However, if you still feel that you wish to take a crack at it then feel free to. Also, both Matthrim and Drilorin do not have Garden Gnomes so they have a large defensive gap where Black Magic is concerened, if you think that's your preferred method of dominating wills that is . . .

5) I have started regularly posting videos on YouTube! The YouTube Channel is for me what Drilorin talks about Drilorin is for Drilorin, a creative outlet for when the regular podcast is running into snags and a separate endeavor. But thanks to our typical podcasting schedule (which is basically whenever Matthrim is hit on the head with a coconut a.k.a. Rarely) this is the most regularly updated thing any of us does, much to my chagrin. But if you want to check out something from us you can find my channel here:

6) If Plan B fails and Drilorin is also unable to continue regularly scheduled podcast then protocol U-27 will be enacted. In such an event, I shall take over the podcast and run it by myself (with as many guest features as possible) until my co-hosts are able to return to the show. For the sake of absolutely everyone I pray that we do not have to enact protocol U-27.

7) The Lotro Reporter Segments will remain on hold for the foreseeable future. That's a three man endeavor, so until we get everyone on a normal rotation it won't return. Don't hold your breath since I don't expect everyone to get on a regular schedule until 2013.

Well that's all for now. Happy Depavali and Good Luck and Have Fun out there!




First things first, what is GamesiPlay (GiP) and why would you, our listeners/followers care about it?

GiP is a website designed by gamers for gamers of all types. One of the foremost goals of GiP is to revolutionize the way gamers of all genres connect to each other the way Facebook has revolutionized the way middle and high school girls, and all of your aunts (enstranged or otherwise) connect with everyone else on the planet.

But, GiP is not trying to be Facebook or any other "social networking" site. Instead the people behind GiP came at it from the perspective of long time gamers and asked, "What do gamers want to have when connecting to other gamers?" Then they went a built a site around that vision and they have done a good job with it.

GamesiPlay has forums, a personal page for account holders that is reminiscent of the My.Lotro page Turbine gives to Lotro players, and a unique point system that has obviously been inspired by the achievement systems of more recent games, and been taken back to the old school arcade days. Two more important distinguishing features are: 1) GiP is not restricted to just Computer Games etc. They have everything that doesn't fall under "sports." Trading Card Games (TCGs), Computer Games, Role-Playing Games (RPGs), Board Games, Card Games, Flash Games, you name it and they support it. 2) GiP works to support Tournaments and other events for multiple genres in the Real World, and works with Hobby Shops ad Comic Stores (you know, the guys that were the connection place for gamers before and during the time of the Internet (especially if they played RPGs or TCGs)?) which is quite unique for a "social networking" site.

One final thing to note about GiP is that it supports 2 important features for gamers and aspiring gamers: 1) A catalogue of games of many genres with basic information and ratings and places to go to play said game, try it out, or buy it. And, 2) multiple flash games and flash based adaptations of games that have been approved by the parent companies of those games and link directly to that score I mentioned before that is tied to your account.

While there is plenty more to be said about GiP, I shall leave it to you to decide for yourselves whether or not you wish to go to GamesiPlay and find out about it for yourselves . . .

For rating, I give GiP 5/5 stars for being unique, creative, and working hard to fill a niche role as best as they possibly can. The guys behind this site really have worked hard to put in as many things as they know they'd want and that they know other gamers would want in their site and it all comes together in a cohesive and coherent fashion.


Episode 19: Our Shortest One Yet!

Join Matthrim and Drilorin as they dissect a pair of dev diaries in record time (for TTP) and assure you that we are NOT dead.

You can download Episode 19 here.

Episode 18: We're Late!

The latest (in more ways than one) episode of Through the Palantir come to you nearly 9 weeks after it was recorded! [BLAME IVAN.] Join Ivaneus and Matthrim as they discuss upcoming proposed changes to many classes come the Rise of Isengard and respond to some emails from the listeners on this 2 hour podcast.

You can download Episode 18 here.


Episode 17: The Sea of Ever Rippling . . . delays

Join Mattrim and Ivaneus as they break the silence and give us our first episode in 2 months! 6 weeks of in-game goings on, some important game news, laughter, and more coverage of the Ettenmoors await in this quickie by TTP standards. To any other podcast, this would be a normal episode.

You can download Episode 17 here


Changes and Improvements

As you all know Sound quality is an issue that we here at Through the Palantir care deeply about and have struggled with continually. But victory is now in sight!

With new advances in cloud computing based auto-editors, more practice, and superior formatting we are now proud to say that your audio experience is the greatest we can possibly offer!!!

As of Episode 16 this is what you can expect:

-Total Audio Immersion

-Blurred Vision due to enhanced Bass FX

-Rythm in your Gut

-The ability to hear dog whistles

-Swooning whenever Drilorin speaks

-An intense desire to revoke Matthrim's Speaking Privilages

-Delusions of grandeur revolving around "Tanking" and "Being the Best"

-The ability to smell rainbows

-double eardrums

-Hair Growth

-Enhanced emotional insight and empathy

And much more!!!

To deliver all of this goodenss to you, our listeners, with no loss of quality; all podcast episodes will now only be availible in WAV format. MP3 and MP4 simply aren't able to compress and decompress eveyrthing we have packed in without horrendous degradation of the product and we unanimously agreed that we could not settle for anything less than THE BEST!

Ivaneus and Through the Palantir

P.S. I slap floor


Episode 16 Preview

It's the preview of our podcast's official anniversary episode! To find out about what might be in it (and to hear more bloopers and derailments) start streaming or download the preview right here.

On another note, is the embedded player actually showing up correctly for you guys? It hasn't been showing up correctly for me and I'm wondering if it's something to do with my browser/system or if the issue is more widespread. So please leave a comment on whether or not the player loads in or if you just have a blank black space where it should be.



Late as Usual

Well once again I have the chore of explaining where we have been and why there is still no Episode 16.

In 4 words: Blame Extra Curricular Activities.

Drilorin and Matthrim have both been swamped in these things and we have gone 2 weeks now without recording anything. This came after recording a beginning to Episode 16 and then being unable to record later that night due to the above.

So what are you doing about it Ivan?

Well I'm doing a couple things. The first is that I will be putting together a Episode 16 (which is our anniversary celebration episode) preview. Our recording session that happened contained 3-4 times as much blooper material as content so this should actually be easy to make without giving too much away.

The second thing is that Matthrim and I are running a Saint Patrick's Day raid on the 17th of March. This is the actual Saint Patrick's Day and we will be leading the opposing themed raids in the Landroval Ettemoors. Matthrim will be leading the efforts of the free peoples and sport green apparel. I (as Ugmog) will be commanding the efforts of the Gramsfoot Invaders and trying to remember to speak with an Irish accent the entire time. We will formally start by 9PM EST regardless of numbers but plan to be out earlier. Should numbers look healthy earlier on then we will start earlier so it is recommended that you try to be early. 8:30 PM EST is more than early enough.

Thirdly, I shall be spearheading some new efforts at getting Lotro Reporter Segments recorded. These newer segments will be a little blander since we'll only ever be able to get 2 of our 3 together for recording. But we've gone too long since our last Segment and it's high time for more! And we may try getting some more segments with the Burglar in to add variety.

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully we'll see you in game (particularly around the 14th *wink wink nudge nudge*).

But in the meantime, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Episode 15: Love for the Hunters

Join Ivaneus, Drilorin, and Matthrim one day before Valentines Day as they dive into their final Episode before their Anniversary Episode! We discuss much on Dev Diaries, Patch Notes, Elf Work, and the Ettenmoors so strap in and get ready to rumble!

You can download Episode 15 here.


Episode 14: Avoiding Winterhome

The first Episode of 2011 by TTP comes roaring out the gates without a main topic!!! But fear not for we have much content! Catch up with Ivaneus, Matthrim, and Drilorin as they describe their exploits over the break and get into an in depth discussion on the new raid content slated for Quarter 1 and Instance reward systems. So buckle up and hang onto your eyebrows 'cause we are back!

You can download Episode 14 here.


We Have Returned

Well despite all of our grand aspirations to record sometime in December nothing came of it for a variety of reasons.
First and foremost, Matthrim and I also moved (from one end of Singapore to another but a move is a move!) and this caused us to have no internet access/time for stuff from January 1st until the 5th or 6th (whatever that Thursday after the 4th was).

The second was that even though he moved well before us, Drilorin continues to languish in a network less domicile. Naturally, this makes recording anything difficult.

However we hope to have Drilorin provided with access to the Internet and all of its . . . stuff, s00n.

In other news Drilorin's account was hacked. He has submitted tickets for all the lost items he could remember but damage has been done. Once again we at Through the Palantir would like to remind you that:

1) Safety is never 100% guaranteed

2) Keep your password secret, and keep it safe! Upper and lower case characters; numbers symbols and letters; English, Chinese, Arabic, and Korean characters. All of these will help keep you safe from being hacked but refer to point #1.

3) Make sure your virus scanning and firewall protection are up to date and working as a key logging program will render all the work of point #2 worthless.

We hope to record and post Episode 14 ASAP and Matthrim and I will have a new segment done shortly. In the meantime, Good Luck and Have Fun.