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Late as Usual

Well once again I have the chore of explaining where we have been and why there is still no Episode 16.

In 4 words: Blame Extra Curricular Activities.

Drilorin and Matthrim have both been swamped in these things and we have gone 2 weeks now without recording anything. This came after recording a beginning to Episode 16 and then being unable to record later that night due to the above.

So what are you doing about it Ivan?

Well I'm doing a couple things. The first is that I will be putting together a Episode 16 (which is our anniversary celebration episode) preview. Our recording session that happened contained 3-4 times as much blooper material as content so this should actually be easy to make without giving too much away.

The second thing is that Matthrim and I are running a Saint Patrick's Day raid on the 17th of March. This is the actual Saint Patrick's Day and we will be leading the opposing themed raids in the Landroval Ettemoors. Matthrim will be leading the efforts of the free peoples and sport green apparel. I (as Ugmog) will be commanding the efforts of the Gramsfoot Invaders and trying to remember to speak with an Irish accent the entire time. We will formally start by 9PM EST regardless of numbers but plan to be out earlier. Should numbers look healthy earlier on then we will start earlier so it is recommended that you try to be early. 8:30 PM EST is more than early enough.

Thirdly, I shall be spearheading some new efforts at getting Lotro Reporter Segments recorded. These newer segments will be a little blander since we'll only ever be able to get 2 of our 3 together for recording. But we've gone too long since our last Segment and it's high time for more! And we may try getting some more segments with the Burglar in to add variety.

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully we'll see you in game (particularly around the 14th *wink wink nudge nudge*).

But in the meantime, Good Luck and Have Fun.

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