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Concerning Matthrim

Matthrim on Matthrim:
Matthrim is the sort of player who does not play as much as he would like to. He loves the epic stories, the instances, the challenge of player versus player combat. And yet, he has not yet finished any of the volumes, or gotten all of his radiance gear, or gotten past rank four on any character. But he’s getting there. He hopes. Talking to other players is something very important to Matthrim, but he can be a bit shy about actually getting to know people.

Drilorin, on Matthrim:
Ah, Matthrim. This funny little man holds the station of ‘enthusiasm,’ within the podcast. He’s also the author of the majority of our LotRO reporter segments, except the really good ones, which are written by me.
Despite the near-constant soul-crushing ridicule he regularly receives, he manages to keep in good cheer, and, all things considered, is actually quite a good player. Don’t tell him I said that.

Ivaneus on Matthrim:
Matthrim is arguably the quietest of the three hosts, although this could just be due to the fact that Ivan and Drilorin have a tendency to interrupt him and say whatever point he had intended to make. Matthrim was not only one of the first two members, but he was the one that brought Ivaneus into the mix, recalling a conversation or two he had had with his brother about podcasting etc.
        However, Matthrim’s largest contributions come in the Lotro Reporter Segments. Matthrim has written all but 3 of the segments and continues to be the head script writer. He has also been the main shaper of the characters for those segments, as he gets first crack at making them, when writing his scripts. He has also written some main topics for Episodes of the show. Matthrim’s voice acting is not as strong as that of the other two, and he may not spend nearly as much time in-game and doing instances. But he still is a fairly competent player and is not to be underestimated or undervalued.

Sadly Matthrim has left Through the Palantir and no longer joins us as a host.