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Episode 24: Defilers, Discourse, and Defacement

Defiler Roundtable! Update 6 Dev Diaries and Previews! New Communication Methods! All this and more is contained in this more than two hour long episode of TTPalantir goodness. So get out the spoon and dig in because this one is chunky and choc full of in depth discussion and analysis from your host and the roundtable guests and is not to be missed! -Ivan

You can download episode 24 here.


Slight Delay

Hey everyone, once again the podcast has been held up a bit longer than I would have liked. This time it is due to Roundtable scheduling. The first Roundtable has been giving me trouble with getting participants to get back in touch with me so I can coordinate schedules and get the thing running etc. so I have shoved it back. The second table, however, has come along more smoothly and should be recorded this weekend (along with the rest of the next episode) so you can expect a new episode sometime next week (hopefully Monday or Tuesday).

In addition I thought I'd take this opportunity to make a couple announcements about the roundtables. Although these announcements are being made on the blog first they will be in the next Episode so that no one misses them. 1) If you are interested in participating in one of the Monster Play Roundtables, send me an email at the Through the Palantir gmail account. This lets me easily get back in touch with you and give access to things like schedules and outlines via Google's myriad of features. However I must also say that if you express interest but fail to reply to queries about availability etc. in a timely manner then I will schedule without you and you will not be on the podcast roundtable.

2) Merric of a Casual Stroll to Mordor will be on as many of these roundtables as possible. I invited him along and gave him permission to record and do whatever he wanted short of live streaming. This means that everything will be released after editing which means we have slightly more freedom to get de-railed, sidetracked, and generally have fun while recording. More importantly, it means that we will also be reaching a larger audience which is fantastic according to me since the primary goal is to have the roundtable out there as a resource for everyone in the community.

3) When scheduling falls through I will change the order of Roundtables. I am already doing this with the Warleader Roundtable and Defiler Roundtable by pushing the Warleader's back and going forward with the Deffies. But in the future I will try to actually bring Roundtables further up so that the podcast schedule does not slip up. But since it is already too late for that this time around, I will be recording the Warleader roundtable and releasing a (probably) shorter episode within a week of the Defiler one. This means that if you are/were interested in participating in either of those roundtables you have a very short window in which to get in for the Warleader one, and for the Defiler's you basically have 1 day for me to be able to squeeze you in (but I have plenty of Defilers so it's not a problem).

That's all for now and I shall have the next Episode out very soon. Expect to hear our alternate intro music for a while along with some fun new stings.