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Hey everyone, Ivaneus here. I know we haven't had a new episode in some time so I want to bring you up to speed on what is currently going on and allay any worries that we may have called it quits (we haven't).

So here's what has been and will be happening in the past and future few weeks:

1) Malware attacks. Our blogsite got infected in the same round of attacks that temporarily took out CstM's site. Whether the original infection was on our site and passed to theirs or vice versa is something I do not know and don't care to know. What's more important is that both sites have been cleaned up and Google has declared the blog clean. So good news at the end of that.

2) Matthrim is pulling out of Through the Palantir for the foreseeable future. He basically claims he doesn't have time to podcast now (to which I respond that he hasn't even tried, more on that later) and in the interests of getting back to podcasting we'll let him go, if plan B turns out to still not work.

3) Speaking of plan B, I will be moving back to the United States of America for a bit over 1 month. There are familial reasons for this which I will not discuss here, but the move is not permanent, I will return to Singapore around December the 7th and remain here for the foreseeable future after that. But while I am in the USA, we will definitely see if getting a podcast schedule coordinated is easier.

4) Up until now, we have been totally unable to get together online a the same time to record a podcast. The last time we were all online together was during the first week after the launch of Isengard. Every time we have been online together the other two are saying we shouldn't record now so we haven't recorded. The problem is that although I have tried everything I can think of, the truth is that I have no way to impose my will upon my fellow co-hosts and compell them to get online and record (nor would I truly want to do that). However, if you still feel that you wish to take a crack at it then feel free to. Also, both Matthrim and Drilorin do not have Garden Gnomes so they have a large defensive gap where Black Magic is concerened, if you think that's your preferred method of dominating wills that is . . .

5) I have started regularly posting videos on YouTube! The YouTube Channel is for me what Drilorin talks about Drilorin is for Drilorin, a creative outlet for when the regular podcast is running into snags and a separate endeavor. But thanks to our typical podcasting schedule (which is basically whenever Matthrim is hit on the head with a coconut a.k.a. Rarely) this is the most regularly updated thing any of us does, much to my chagrin. But if you want to check out something from us you can find my channel here:

6) If Plan B fails and Drilorin is also unable to continue regularly scheduled podcast then protocol U-27 will be enacted. In such an event, I shall take over the podcast and run it by myself (with as many guest features as possible) until my co-hosts are able to return to the show. For the sake of absolutely everyone I pray that we do not have to enact protocol U-27.

7) The Lotro Reporter Segments will remain on hold for the foreseeable future. That's a three man endeavor, so until we get everyone on a normal rotation it won't return. Don't hold your breath since I don't expect everyone to get on a regular schedule until 2013.

Well that's all for now. Happy Depavali and Good Luck and Have Fun out there!


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