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Episode 8: Beach Sports and Martinis in the Necromancer's Tower?

For once we are on schedule and under our time limit! It must be Superior Editing™!!! Join Ivaneus, Matthrim and Drilorin as they continue to sift through the major changes that F2P will bring and express their thoughts and opinions about anything and everything. We also want to wish Casual Stroll to Mordor well on the anniversary of their podcast and their 50th Episode! Congratulations Merric and Goldenstar. You guys are outstanding.

You can download Episode 8 here.


  1. Guys - Great podcast. The ending to your last cast was classic - A Dual. Awesome.

    Drilorin - I have a 65 RK and would like to hear more about Amdhorn's moors build (moors vs. PvE traits and skills). I think you are correct on the Carn Dum drops in F2P. I have run several lvl 65 classic instances (not Carn Dum) in the beta and they drop tokens and marks. I noticed with the latest epic book (3.2), you received mostly rep items. At least with 3.1 you got some LI scrolls.

    Acanthophis, Landroval

  2. Hey guys, another good episode and I appreciate your passion for the game.

    However, a couple corrections for you.

    In the new intro, I think you should reserve judgement until you actually play through the new instances. The changes are really pretty minor and at times you do come off as a tad on the elitist side. I'm not saying you guys should change your opinions but to come out so strong on something you haven't seen is a bit rough for me.

    As for the instances, I'd suggest doing a bit more research before such a rant as you would've seen that CD and Uru are NOT part of the scaling instances. ALL instances are now part of the Instance Join system such that you can port there instantly but not all are scaled which would change the instance mechanics and drops. Part 2 of JWBarry's Diaries covers this pretty well.

    I don't mean to come off as harsh, but your lack of polish shows at times.