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Episode 28: That's Already Eight Strikes Against It

Welcome, to the Warg Roundtable! After delays of epic proportions it has finally arrived! Enclosed within this episode lies: An explanation for its tardiness, Update 7 Dev Diary and Updat analysis, What I have done and where I have been, and Wargs wargs wargs! Also, be sure to check out the blooper reel for all ~24 minutes of its goodness.

You can download Episode 28 here.


  1. Hi Ivaneus & all, great round table, thanks!
    I rolled a warg a week ago and have been having a blast - now rank 5. Your round table has helped me with getting to grips with the best way to gobble leg of man and rats' feet!

    One thing - the background music with the regular roaring sound (sounds like a battle roar) is really annoying as it gets in the way of trying to hear what your guest speakers are saying. Maybe next time have some less intrusive background noise, or even better no background noise at all.

    Anyways, keep up the good work!

    Shadowsfang (Gilrain)

  2. Thank you for pointing that out and I will look into it right away to see if I can identify the exact sound. If not then I'll switch music and see how it goes but in any case, I'm glad to hear that you've been enjoying the warg and the show.

    Good Luck and Have Fun out there and keep your fur in one piece!

  3. hey ivan how do you like the devs listening to your request for a shield bash for wls, what are your thoughts on the proposed changes in general

  4. I know that I'm really slow to this podcast XD, but it'd be nice if you had gotten some different wargs from different tribes or even different servers for the roundtable. Here on Elendilmir, we active dicourage warg packs since they lead to a general decrease in the amount of action and the quality of the action. Maybe a selection of some wargs who soloed more and some who gruoped more and some who raided more would have given a more balanced view of the warg. I still enjoyed the rountable and the guests had some very good ideas, but most of those were focused around warg packs.

    Just some thoughts for future roundtables :). Can't wait for your next show :).

  5. Feelmybite: I completely understand what you are saying and I want you to know that I did try to get a more varied pool of Wargs. However I was limited as I was only able to contact people in-game and through the podcast itself. The podcast itself was the only place where I could potentially reach other servers and it turned up nothing. The other wargs from different Tribes (Agony, Pouncing Pwnies, Fanged Brood, etc.) were all either unavailable, or just out of my reach.

    In particular Burglartarget (of the Warleader Roundtable) plays a really great warg (usually solo) and I was really keen to have him back on, but he was on vacation and couldn't make it.

    Sometimes stuff is just out of my hands and I have to make the call to get on with the show or waste too much time trying to get stuff set up (like how Episode 29 has been late *cough cough*).

    So tl;dr, I do see and agree with your point, and did try to get more perspectives, but I simply wasn't able to in the limited time frame I gave myself. But here's hoping that next year's Roundtable's will be better.


    And thargious, I recorded Episode 29 on Sunday (I do have to record some stuff I missed and still have to edit) but all of that will be answered there. Hang on because I am working on getting the next Episode out soon!

  6. I completely understand that :). One can only do so much.