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Riders of Rohan Delayed

You've heard about it, I've heard about it, and unfortunately I recorded my next episode a few days before the announcement so I'm going to talk about my thoughts on the matter here on the Blog to get some form of more immediate response.

First the facts: The launch date has been moved from September the 5th to October the 15th, giving a total of 41 more days to wait for the launch of Rohan. To tide people over, Turbine is giving 500 Turbine Points and a bag of store goods to people who have pre-ordered Rohan.

Firstly I am fine with waiting. Turbine told us straight up that what happened was that the Beta uncovered some glaring defects and they have made the right call in announcing immediately that they have to take more time to fix the stuff in the Beta (after all, Betas are about catching and repairing these things so it's only right to actually do that). I'm not chomping at the bit waiting to get into Rohan, level to 85, level a horse, level new Lengendary Items, purchase more levels of Audacity, and generally do more grinding.

Having more time beforehand for Turbine to put out the Summer festival (and for players to enjoy it), for me to work on character advancement, finish instances and deeds, and get around to more of the things I want to get done at 75 suits me just fine.

Which leads into the second part, Turbine giving presents to those who pre-ordered Rohan, and no one else.  Once again I must concur with their decision. The pre-order people have put money down and already declared that they are ready and eagerly waiting for Rohan. It is only right that they be given something to atone for missing the self-imposed deadline Turbine had set. Those who have not pre-ordered (myself included) have already shown that they are not in a great rush to get to the new zone. We don't need to be placated for having to show a little patience, because we aren't in a rush to start with!

Overall I believe that Turbine has handled everything correctly and that this entire incident will transpire and progress smoothly, with minimal stress and headaches.

Ivaneus of Through the Palantir


  1. I pretty much agree with you on the subject.

    On a slightly related note, the NDA is up now, and obviously I don't know if you are in the Beta. But just in case, here's a particular titbit:

    Shield Bash currently ALWAYS stuns the enemy for 6s, refreshes on a crit AND is affected by Call the Shadow. Even as a piddly R5 WL I love it.

  2. It's affected by Call the SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Explodes from sheer happiness!*

    (I think that answered whether or not I'm in the Beta)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sure did, heh.

      Posted some other changes here but figured it'd be better to post them all on the forums. You can find them here: