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Some extra stuff coming soon

Well unfortunately we have been delayed in recording Episode 12. We postponed last weekend so that we could talk about the fall festival instead of just the festival dev diary, and this weekend there were some sudden schedule changes that kept us from being able to record.

But in the interim we do have the first bundle of Lotro Reporter Segments coming (just as soon as we fix an erroneous skill name in Segment 11) and we are also working on a behind the scenes of the segment recording process! Currently, we have not decided whether or not we will combine the segments and the extras in one bundle. We will most likely release them separately, do another version where they are together, and allow all of you guys to pick which format you prefer.

In addition to this, I have something special planned for Episode 12, but I'm not going to say anything more about it at this time.

One final note is that I am currently looking into a way to put up additional blog sections and/or links in the history area so we can write up some general information about stuff and leave it in a easily accessible location (while still being part of the blog). If any of you know how to do this with blogger (we are not moving to a different platform at this time (AAAAHHH!!! Marketing Speak!!!)), please let us know.

*Edit I already figured this out. But if anyone knows how to increase the 10 page limit that would still be usefull information to possess*

So where does this leave you? Well in summary: 1) Episode 12 is delayed and will be recorded (not released) next weekend
2) There is something planned for Episode 12 but it's a secret
3) Before Episode 12 is out you will have the first Lotro Reporter Segment and our special Behind the scenes/making of for the first bundle, complete with bloopers and other fun stuff.
4) We are working on putting some more stuff into the blog along the lines of "About Matthrim", "About Grimmfungle" or "About Drilorin talks about Drilorin."

And for those of you wondering, the first episode of Drilorin talks about Drilorin is slated for release S00N. =P

And please fill out the polls.


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