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Episode 11: Tea in Rivendell

What do Tell the Community Team threads, physics, elves, and the new forums have in common? No! Not bistronomics! It's Episode 11 of Through the Palantir! Join our crew of three as they tackle some game news, the lack of player news, and the next part of the Combat Mechanics focus: Target Assisting. And continue to keep supporting The Fellowship Walk and Child's Play over on CstM!

You can download Episode 11 here.


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  1. First, I agree that it take more heat to boil water at a higher altitude. I don't know why, so don't ask!

    I don't really like it when people put me as a raid assist target when I'm playing my spider. I usually switch off the target to mezz freeps (a hunter in controlled burn, a guardian in shield wall, etc). When I lead I usually like to put myself up, a range (BA) and a melee (reaver or warg).

  2. It takes more time, but a lower temperature, to cook something at higher altitudes. And of course you just know elves take longer to cook anything.