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Episode 10: Free 2 Play Pirates of Ecuador!

Prepare to be boarded as Through the Palantir comes through Free 2 Play and September 19th bearing audio swag! Learn the secrets and exploits of Matthrim, Drilorin, and Ivaneus as they reveal much! Learn that even though Drilorin's router is constructed from old radio parts and a flip flop, his real name is *not* MacGyver. Learn just how well Matthrim can talk like a Pirate! And learn what can cause Ivan to unleash an Ugrant! But mostly, you will learn of the opinions of these three scury ridden podcast hosts on Free 2 Play and the changes it has brought. Finally we wrap up by dragging some letters out from below deck before hoisting anchor and leaving port. So strap in, grab yer' cutlass an' pegleg and get ready for a ride like none other. Yar!

You can download Episode 10 here.


  1. I'm part way through this episode but wanted to post a quick comment about the discussion of server queues. You guys seem to be reading a lot into the queues as some kind of indicator of population growth. There were quite a few technical issues around the launch, particularly network, that buggered up the login process. The fact that the queues are working now means these issues are resolved, not that players have jumped ship.

    Similarly the queue sizes were really large because of some bug with the queuing software. There was a comment from Sapience (somewhere) that they had to make the queues manually for a while. I'm not quite sure what that means, but it sounds like it explains the massive queues on some servers.

    Oh - and by the way I agree with Drilorin about the queue. Its a queue for logging in and getting access to the authentication system, its not you sitting there waiting for someone else to log out.

    Love the podcast and also I am a massive fan of the pvmp and gold earning tips on CSTM and LotroReporter. In particular the voice acting for the pvmp tips ;)

    Davoin of Elendilmir

  2. Thanks for the shoutout (re my blog comment as knifesedge) - I suspect Ivan glossed over it as I was commenting on the quality of Drilorin's speaking voice, though I suspect he will gloss over this one too, as he seems to be the blog moderator. I will be heard!
    Great podcast guys, I personally love the chaotic nature of the whole thing and the occaisional verging on hyperbole!

    Jestro of Windfola (aka knifesedge)