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Episode 34: Workin' for Ondor

Welcome to another installment of Through the Palantir! In this episode we have special music, special topics, a special main topic, special announcements about special accomplishments made in-game by a special host, and a bunch of mundane game news. This is an episode that is sure to have you humming for weeks because of multiple (yes MULTIPLE) earworms that WILL get in your head, but it's all worth it so come on in and catch the tune, the news, and our distinct viewpoint from Through the Palantir!

You can download Episode 34 here.


  1. Unfortunately I haven't played that many games over the years, and none of those tracks sound familiar to me. Guess I'm immune to those earworms, har.

    Kinda surreal hearing you talk about how you plan to take down Gaergoth upon Rohan launch, having actually been in your group when you did it not so long ago(Turmuz the WL). Podcasts are a funny thing.

    Looking forward to your first episode of a new LOTRO season!

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  3. great episode as always but seriously you need to get a doctor to look at you you probably have a stress fracture from all these episodes, but on a serious note i agree with your ideas on tanking, and grats on rank 10