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Episode 35: Rise of Rohan

Welcome, my Lords, to the exit from Isengard! In this episode of TTPalantir we finally tackle the launch of the newest expansion of LOTRO. With Release notes, patch notes, and 2 weeks to digest, experience, and play Rohan there is a plenty of discussion and dissection of what we have found awaiting us on the rolling plains of the Mark. Get ready for a ton of game news!

You can download Episode 35 here.


  1. So....... great episode as always, i just watched your latest fellowship of the creeps saw you begging for a suicidal reaver (i can haz rank 1 reaver on landy) i can probably do it(even though i don't have a mike :/) but it would all depend on what time/day of the week it is anyway wall of text disengage


    1. Well we typically record on Sundays at 4:00 PM Eastern, but get in touch with Andang first to let him know you're interested and to let him know if that time isn't good for you because we can change the time.

  2. ok sry that i posted here first ima reaver that doesn't pay attention but you did ask for a reaver and we are typically mentally insane will shoot him an email thanks