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Episode 32: When Raids Go Wrong

Welcome to another journey Through the Palantir. On this Episode Ivaneus talks about Ivan, to such lengths that it puts Drilorin's podcast about talking about himself to shame! Also there is discussion of how to handle things as a raid leader when the raid is having trouble, discussion of game news, and more that you'll just have to find out about for yourself. Welcome to Episode 32.

You can download Episode 32 here.

And here's the video I mentioned:


  1. great episode as always i have kind of a weird question for you, i started up a wl and sense im f2p i was wondering which trait slots to unlock first for wl i plan on getting them all but idk if i should get corruption or class slots first, thanks

    1. That's a tough one Tharg. While you will have access to a full set of corruptions earlier, it is my opinion that they are not as valuable as class traits for improving your character. I think that it would probably be wiser to go for class traits first since you will already be forced to be careful about where your commendations are spent, and class traits are typically a better investment than corruptions. But if/once you have 5 class slots unlocked and filled it would be worthwhile to also look into corruptions.

      By Rank 5 you'll have access to a solid set of class traits and you'll have access to all corruptions by Rank 3. Try to be filled at Rank 5 or at least before Rank 6.

      And good luck with the new Warleader.

  2. 'nother great episode Ivan. And possibly your last one before RoR? Date is creeping(hur hur) ever closer, and I'm looking forward to hearing your views on the Moors changes when it finally hits. :)

    1. Last one before Rohan? Not exactly . . .

      I am currently in the middle of editing Episode 33 and Episode 34 is slated to be recorded on the 13th or the 14th. The day mostly depends on if/when I hit Rank 10 and/or Level 75 on Ugmog/Ivaneus in the next week.