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Episode 31: Absolutely Nothing

Welcome to another Episode of Through the Palantir. This time Ivaneus will Delve into the wonderful worlds of: Dev Diaries! Expansion Betas! Kinships! And Email! There's a lot to be heard so grab the podcast at all the usual places and enjoy.

You can download Episode 31 here.


  1. I confess I skipped the bit on Kinships on my first listen, sorry. >_>

    Liked the rest of the episode though. Can't really suggest anything for the podcast, although I am curious as to how you plan to cover the PvMP changes when Riders of Rohan launches. Are you going to have an extra long episode after it looking at all the changes, or will it be more gradual?

    1. I honestly haven't thought of that. Most likely the episode after launch will include a long reading of the patch notes (with me making all the additional comments tat I always make) which will cover most of the stuff.

      The place where I'll be most pressed is the video I'm going to make talking about the changes since I have to actually make concessions to Brevity (the rebel scum!) to keep things from being too long (heresy!). But as for the podcast, I think things will probably be talked about over the course of a few episodes in the opening section since I'll probably spend a lot of time grousing about whatever imbalances are letting me kill and be killed.