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Episode 16 Preview

It's the preview of our podcast's official anniversary episode! To find out about what might be in it (and to hear more bloopers and derailments) start streaming or download the preview right here.

On another note, is the embedded player actually showing up correctly for you guys? It hasn't been showing up correctly for me and I'm wondering if it's something to do with my browser/system or if the issue is more widespread. So please leave a comment on whether or not the player loads in or if you just have a blank black space where it should be.



  1. I see the embedded player - both here and in Google Reader via the rss feed. (I actually listen via iTunes though, so I've never even noticed the embedded player before!)

  2. The embedded player looks great for me as well (both here and in Google Reader).

  3. One other note.. you might consider switching to Raidcall, it's free and much higher voice quality.

  4. I'll be sure to look into Raidcall. Thanks for the suggestion!

    One other question, do any of you use Google Chrome? Or are you using Firfox/IE?