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Episode 14: Avoiding Winterhome

The first Episode of 2011 by TTP comes roaring out the gates without a main topic!!! But fear not for we have much content! Catch up with Ivaneus, Matthrim, and Drilorin as they describe their exploits over the break and get into an in depth discussion on the new raid content slated for Quarter 1 and Instance reward systems. So buckle up and hang onto your eyebrows 'cause we are back!

You can download Episode 14 here.


  1. What happened to the audio quality, there was soo much hissing and static that i couldnt listen to it? :(

  2. Moved houses, new internet connections, some new micraphones, and we really just have to work on re-balancing things for recording. We also seem to have had a pop filter failure which *hopefully* has been corrected and will not happen again.

  3. Not sure which podcast it was, but one of you mentioned something about a warden plugin... I was trying to find it and couldn't... Could you post the link to that plugin?

    I have a warden I don't play that often... And it is a pain to sit down and read through the gambits...

    Great work by the way...


    Warden Ease. It's definitely a great plugin for the warden alt.

  5. Thanks a bunch for the link....

  6. I have just recently discovered your podcast, I actualy found it from listening to the Guardian roundtable at Casual Stroll to Mordor. I enjoy your podcast quite a bit.
    I play a 65 Gaurdian as my main, and from listening to you I have changeed my skill rotation and toolbar, as you explained several skills to me. You are the most helpful thing I have found as far as explaining endgame content taht isn't a guide. I appreciate what you do very much. You have also inspired me to spend more time in the Ettenmoors, which, while it has hurt my rating, I enjoyed it. Alot. I didn't realise just how much excelent content i waws Ignoreing, so... thanks, keep up the excelent work. -Lorsoin