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Status Update:

Hey Everyone, as you all are keenly aware, the blog has been quiet and there is no Episode 12 out. I'm here to tell you why, and why the why is good news!

Let's start with Episode 12 being MIA. We recorded it as scheduled, and I then got busy editing everything but the Episode and before I knew it I was out of time to get any editing on it done this week. On the other hand, I finally caught up on the segments and Finished most of the editing for the Behind the Scenes of Lotro Reporter Segments 1-10.

This leads into the second question, if you finished editing the Behind the scenes, where is it? Well I said "most" of it. Matthrim, Drilorin, and myself still had to record our commentary for the segments and we only finished that up Friday night. So i haven't been able to finish that up, but it's close to being done.

The last question would naturally be about the blog itself, after all we promised new "pages" about your hosts and other fun things didn't we? Yes we did and you can blame Matthrim for the host bios not being finished. Drilorin and I both wrote our own bios for everyone while Matthrim did not, but once he writes his we will take our three works (which were all written completely separately mind you) and blend them into cohesive, whole pages for the hosts. Our other pages will follow soon after, especially since we had our discussion about what the Segments are during our making of Segment.

So basically I've told you that all this stuff is close to being done but not yet done, how is that good news? Well it's good news because it means we are on the verge of catching up on all this stuff! But even more important are the ramifications for Episode 12, which was supposed to feature a guest. When we recorded it we were unable to get a guest on short notice and were, naturally, disappointed. But, because the editing has been delayed 1 whole week . . . we have a guest!!! Just today, Matthrim and I conducted the interview with our guest (who will remain anonymous until the Episode is released) and that entire section will be put into Episode 12!

Some of you may still be doubting that this was good news, but you'll just have to decide for yourselves over the next week as we get this stuff rolled out.


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