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Behind the Scenes: TTP Superior Tictacs 1-10

In this exclusive look into the making of Through the Palantir's Lotro Reporter Segments, you'll learn more than you ever wanted to know! In this 3 hour and 20 minute look we will go into the origins of all the main characters of these segments, show our creative process at its best (and worst), and settle once and for all what Drilorin adds to the segments.

While we certainly hope you enjoy this "interesting" tour of our inner machinations we also want your feedback on how these behind the scenes things will come out in the future! How many segments in each? Do you want our commentary? Do you not want bloopers? Do you want background music? All this and more is to be decided by you, our listeners, right now! So leave a comment on this post, send us an email, or get in touch by smoke signals but we want to know how you want these done! And please also remember to fill out the polls.

You can download the Behind the Scenes pack here.


  1. Aaggggggggg just typed out a huge Whity post on my iPod so I'll keep it short this time. I have my own blog www.theconfusedhobbit.command am trying to start my own podcast do you know of any good free webhosts?

  2. hey guys me again love your show keep it up.

  3. i googled ttp and LOL here is the first link

  4. That's odd, I distinctly remember replying to this yesterday or so but I cannot see my comment. Anyway, I'm dropping you a detailed list at your blog.

  5. hmmmmm I checked my blog and there is no comment. I dont think our blogs like each other. I recorded my first ever podcast the other day(at least I thinked i did) but I obviously either forgot to hit record or the skype recording software did not work or I forgot to save it. anyway I am temporarily demoting myself to moronic dwarf. yuk yuk duh.

  6. love your show when is the next one coming out?