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Episode 43: You Have to Be Crazy To Play a Reaver

One month late but finally here, it is the Reaver Roundtable. Thrill as old news is revealed and speculation is made on updates that have already come to pass! Be amazed as your host demonstrates his ability to ramble once again! Be enraptured by the power of exclamation points and imperative statements in the description! And finally, settle in for a massive breakdown on the sword swinging psychopaths we know and love called the Reavers.

You can download Episode 43 here.

1 comment:

  1. Great as always,
    First off sry I missed the roundtable i rarely check my lotro community mail. I have a few comments on some of the stuff you guys said. The reavers on menelidor have come to a consensus that common damage vastly out damages fire generally due to the resent will changes. Due to how many tactical classes there are now the majority of freeps you will have to burn as fast as possible are tactical classes. Any way just food for though.