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Error: The BA Roundtable is Too Intense for the Internet to Take

Well I'm gonna keep this short and to the point. I've been spending the last two days trying, and failing, to upload Episode 41, which has the Black Arrow Roundtable. I don't know what's going wrong, but the upload just keeps failing. I've reinstalled my software, redone firewall access, checked the hosting service, the works. Right now I'm at a total loss as to what I can do to fix the problem. Sure I could switch hosting services, swap to a different uploading platform, and roll with that from now on . . . but I'd rather not if I can avoid it.

In the meantime, I'm getting on with recording and editing the rest of Episode 42, I have the Defiler Roundtable recorded and on the Editing table. I also need to get some Reavers corralled for the Reaver Roundtable (I've got three so far counting me) and there's plenty in Real Life to distract me (like trying to put out fires with my bare hands [not my best plan, but at least I have fast reactions . . . and I like to attack rather than run]), so here's something worthy to keep you busy while I sort out the technical difficulties going on behind the curtain . . . and kick that freeloader Oz out of my editing studio again.

Patrons of this humble blog, I give to you a charity of obscurity, one which you have doubtlessly heard nothing of before this august day, but which you will find hard to forget after today.

I give to you: Bunches of Blessings

In this world there are many needs. Some are more important, like food, water, air, dental floss, and low yield, handheld Electromagnetic Pulse Emitters to defend against attacks by nanobots both terrestrial or otherwise.

Some needs, are less important; such as televisions*, literacy, trees, living squirrels, a self heating recliner with built in massager, or low yield, handheld Electromagnetic Pulse Emitters to defend against attacks by nanobots both terrestrial or otherwise.

Bunches of Blessings falls squarely within the "nebulous" "grey** area" between the two.

Potassium deficiency is a problem that some*** worry could become endemic if nothing is done to make sure it does not have the opportunity. Meanwhile, others*** have noted the unfairness of the world and how it has deprived some of the opportunity to experience one of the greatest fruits of labor we have to offer: The banana.

Bunches of Blessings is the result of the union of these two groups of people who have different, yet fortuitously parallel goals to make an impact on the world and leave it a better place. By providing bananas where there are few, or worse yet no bananas; BoB not only reaches out to less fortunate and gives them something that would otherwise have been cruelly withheld by fate and preemptively fights back against the potential potassium deficiency epidemic.

And the best part is that it's easy to help, and you don't have to worry about your money being misappropriated for a less worthy cause (like CEO salaries****) because BoB does not take monetary donations! All they ask for are your bananas. Give as much (or many if you count your contribution rather than weigh it) as you want and the workers and volunteers***** at BoB will take care of the rest.

Bunches of Blessings where your contribution really counts.

* The venerable and esteemed US Government requires that I not label televisions as less important for life as that would contradict their prior rulings that have allowed countless prisoners and other groups to acquire living essentials such as televisions.
**Gray area in the Eurozone.
***If you find any of these people please let me know, I'd love to meet some of them.
****Try looking up the salaries of the CEOs of UNICEF and United Way for a start.
*****Bunches of Blessings does not accept volunteered time as a way to contribute, only bananas. All volunteers are actually conscripted from the peoples who benefit from the relief efforts of Bunches of Blessings and they spend much of their time explaining how much better of their people are now that they have bananas to encourage more people to send bananas.
******Some adjectives added at the insistence of the venerable and esteemed US Government

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