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Episode 39: We Have Emails!

Welcome to another Episode of Through the Palantir. But catastrophy has struck! There's no main topic, nothing under game news, and even Ivan eventually runs out of things to say about himself. All this will add up to a short episode unless the title has something to say about it. Welcome to another episode of this crazy podcast.

You can download Episode 39 here.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Ivan,
    A quick note to let you know that you have listeners! Who in fact are listening! And of course appreciating, 'Lotro from a different perspective', as only you can deliver. In case you are in dire need of topics, here is a question for you to ruminate and wax eloquently upon:
    - I have not been in the Moors very much since RoR launched as I have been preoccupied in leveling various toons/alts to level cap and completing Hytbold to get them geared. Do you think that the new map changes linking various keep/outpost entrances to the Delving of Fror have made any signficant impact to player movements on the landscape. I thought this was a great idea when I heard about it, but was not sure how easy it would be to navigate quickly through the Delving based on route and Mob Density to actually make these 'shortcuts' viable . Do you think this is working as intended to add variety/creativity to player movements, and if not, what would you change to make it more widely utilized?
    Could you review the new entrances that exist, where they are on the map and if you find any more useful that others for whatever reason?

    Thanks for the input and happy upcoming anniversary. Tell Math and Dri they are Globsnaga Offal if they don't drop by for a visit to celebrate it with you!

    Cheers, Braag of Vilya.