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Status Update

Hey Everyone, I know nothing's come out for quite some time, but I assure you that that will soon be rectified. I am in the final stages of editing for Episode 27, with the Weaver Roundtable; I have the Warg Roundtable in the beginning stages of the editing process, and I am recording the Reaver Roundtable later today. Additionally, I was slowed down by internet troubles so I lost a week's worth of working on the Weavers and because I had to sift through the garbled mess that was attempt #1 for the Warg Roundtable to see what was salvagable I lost more time putting the Weavers further behind release schedule.

Still, Episode 27 should be live hopefully by Saturday morning (in the US, evening for me) and then I will be able to concentrate on churning out the Roundtables as fast as possible.

In the meantime, have a look at the shenanigans that occurred in the chat room for the Warg Roundtable(s) and enjoy the sneak-peak at what is to come.


Warg Roundtable Chat Log:

[4/16/2012 8:39:58 AM] *** Ivaneus (TTP) added Ratdeath ***
[4/16/2012 8:41:53 AM] Ratdeath: can’t hear you
[4/16/2012 8:42:06 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Again?
[4/16/2012 8:42:12 AM] Ratdeath: yeah
[4/16/2012 8:42:24 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): check where your sound is porting to in the options page
[4/16/2012 8:42:31 AM] Ratdeath: ok
[4/16/2012 8:42:45 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): And while you're there uncheck the Auto Adjust micraphone box.
[4/16/2012 8:44:01 AM] Ratdeath: ok it’s the right device and unchecked the auto adjust
[4/16/2012 8:44:10 AM] Ratdeath: let me run the sound test
[4/16/2012 8:44:15 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Alright
[4/16/2012 8:45:08 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Hithy, you may want to use the microphone mute when you aren't talking to cut down on background noise. It helps a lot.
[4/16/2012 8:45:31 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): And if you go to advanced options you can bind it to a specific key combination.
[4/16/2012 8:46:35 AM] Ratdeath: ok it’s working now
[4/16/2012 8:46:45 AM] *** Group call ***
[4/16/2012 8:49:34 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Hithy's AFK
[4/16/2012 8:49:44 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): And there are people talking here so I have my mic muted
[4/16/2012 8:49:59 AM] Ratdeath: ok
[4/16/2012 8:50:03 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Go ahead and open the roundtable outline so you can refer to it if you want to.
[4/16/2012 8:50:13 AM] Ratdeath: it’s opened yeah
[4/16/2012 8:50:16 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): It's not necessary, but it can come in handy
[4/16/2012 8:50:47 AM] Ratdeath: ready
[4/16/2012 8:51:19 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Ratdeath, are you in-game by any chance?
[4/16/2012 8:51:24 AM] Ratdeath: yes
[4/16/2012 8:51:25 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): *Ratdeath?
[4/16/2012 8:51:35 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Is Burglartarget online?
[4/16/2012 8:51:45 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): He might be going as Brugrat.
[4/16/2012 8:51:54 AM] Ratdeath: let me ask
[4/16/2012 8:52:17 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): If he's on I need you to send him a tell saying Ugmog says to get to the Roundtable.
[4/16/2012 8:52:26 AM] Ratdeath: no he is not
[4/16/2012 8:52:30 AM] Ratdeath: Pouncival is :D
[4/16/2012 8:52:34 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I was afraid of that.
[4/16/2012 8:52:44 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Well, not the Pounci thing
[4/16/2012 8:53:52 AM] Ratdeath: we should ask Uz to join us, he said he was away this weekend but he is here
[4/16/2012 8:54:03 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): He's on? Get him in then!
[4/16/2012 8:54:13 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): He was the first person I asked
[4/16/2012 8:54:29 AM] Ratdeath: ok I will try, he may act like a slippery fish :D
[4/16/2012 8:54:53 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): =P
[4/16/2012 8:55:41 AM] Ratdeath: he does not have skype, asked him to download
[4/16/2012 8:55:59 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Alright now worries
[4/16/2012 8:56:14 AM] Ratdeath: ok brugrat is logging now
[4/16/2012 8:56:18 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Yay!
[4/16/2012 8:57:32 AM] Ratdeath: seems like he did not remember it was today
[4/16/2012 8:57:45 AM] Ratdeath: or he is saying he said he could not do it
[4/16/2012 8:58:16 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): The quality and lag is from my end
[4/16/2012 8:59:00 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): You know, I think I already gave Uz all my contact stuff on our Tribe forums.
[4/16/2012 8:59:09 AM] Ratdeath: I hope Uz get the skype installed
[4/16/2012 8:59:26 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): All his non-warg characters are still in The White Hand, so I pester him through Guildlaunch
[4/16/2012 8:59:50 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Ah! Air RAID!!!!!!
[4/16/2012 8:59:56 AM] Ratdeath: coffee machine running?
[4/16/2012 9:00:09 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): It's the spin cycle Captain!
[4/16/2012 9:00:12 AM] Ratdeath: vaccum cleaner?
[4/16/2012 9:00:21 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I'm givin' er all she's got but I don't think I can 'old 'er!
[4/16/2012 9:00:40 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): We're in the redlines and the dylithium crystals are on the verge of melting!
[4/16/2012 9:01:14 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Have you tried, reversing the rotation?
[4/16/2012 9:01:20 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I could give it a shot Captain!
[4/16/2012 9:01:59 AM] Ratdeath: ok you need to mute that mike again :D
[4/16/2012 9:03:23 AM] Hithdraug: lol I cannot stand Skype lol
[4/16/2012 9:09:54 AM] *** Group call ***
[4/16/2012 9:10:01 AM] *** Group call ***
[4/16/2012 9:10:08 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): podcast
An online audio blog. Term invented by Adam Curry. A broadcast file which is commonly downloaded on an iPod or other MP3 hardware for mobile listening. Can also be played directly from your computer.
[4/16/2012 9:10:16 AM] *** Missed group call. ***
[4/16/2012 9:11:23 AM] *** Ivaneus (TTP) added Uzgaroth ***
[4/16/2012 9:12:33 AM] Ratdeath: Hi, who are you in the wargy world?
[4/16/2012 9:12:40 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): It's Uzgaroth
[4/16/2012 9:12:48 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I know his voice
[4/16/2012 9:12:51 AM] Ratdeath: then why are you asking me in game what to do :D
[4/16/2012 9:13:18 AM] Hithdraug:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        this is turning into a Suicidal Warg Squad special
[4/16/2012 9:14:44 AM] Hithdraug: exhibit A in a court of wargie law
[4/16/2012 9:14:50 AM] Ratdeath: heh
[4/16/2012 9:15:00 AM] Ratdeath: ok ready
[4/16/2012 9:15:40 AM] Hithdraug: Law & Order meets Judge Wargie
[4/16/2012 9:15:47 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): indeed
[4/16/2012 9:15:58 AM] Hithdraug: Wargie eats the defendant if found guilty
[4/16/2012 9:16:13 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Now we're talking!
[4/16/2012 9:16:53 AM] Ratdeath: lots of noise
[4/16/2012 9:16:58 AM] Ratdeath: good now
[4/16/2012 9:18:29 AM] Ratdeath: Uz, mute your microphone while not talking (if already not doing)
[4/16/2012 9:19:21 AM] Ratdeath: ouch spray
[4/16/2012 9:19:25 AM] Hithdraug: awesome#
[4/16/2012 9:21:27 AM] Hithdraug: woo!
[4/16/2012 9:23:10 AM] Hithdraug: are you crunching plastic bags?
[4/16/2012 9:23:19 AM] Ratdeath: great noise
[4/16/2012 9:23:24 AM] Hithdraug: because I cannot hear a single word you said
[4/16/2012 9:23:37 AM] Ratdeath: same here :D
[4/16/2012 9:23:50 AM] Ratdeath: I think you can record your questions later
[4/16/2012 9:23:51 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): *goes out and solos the lag monster*
[4/16/2012 9:24:03 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): *Loses*
[4/16/2012 9:24:13 AM] Ratdeath: gone again
[4/16/2012 9:24:28 AM] Hithdraug: Pounce, silence, bleed, bleed, disappear, bleed, flayer, eat
[4/16/2012 9:24:33 AM] Ratdeath: yeah Silence him!!!
[4/16/2012 9:24:38 AM] Ratdeath: he is giving me a headache
[4/16/2012 9:24:41 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I'm a Warleader!
[4/16/2012 9:24:52 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Heal, tank tank, heal, tank, heal shout, tank, heal!
[4/16/2012 9:25:00 AM] Ratdeath: yeah your black speech needs to be silenced
[4/16/2012 9:25:10 AM] Hithdraug: AroooOOOOOoOOoooo
[4/16/2012 9:25:14 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): And some people thought yelling and noise couldn't kill anyone!
[4/16/2012 9:25:32 AM] Ratdeath: gone again
[4/16/2012 9:26:10 AM] Hithdraug:  Ratty's gone
[4/16/2012 9:26:16 AM] Ratdeath: not me
[4/16/2012 9:26:17 AM] Ratdeath: I am here
[4/16/2012 9:26:26 AM] Hithdraug: Skype thinks you Hipsed
[4/16/2012 9:26:49 AM] Ratdeath: am I with you?
[4/16/2012 9:27:23 AM] Ratdeath: one question at a time
[4/16/2012 9:27:40 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Can you hear me now?
[4/16/2012 9:27:42 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): NO!
[4/16/2012 9:27:46 AM] Ratdeath: yes
[4/16/2012 9:27:54 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): And [insert phone company here] lost a million customers.
[4/16/2012 9:28:13 AM] Ratdeath: perfect voice now
[4/16/2012 9:32:41 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Let me apologize right now to everyone about not being able to hear each other. That's because everything is routed through me (as the call host) and then out to you.

I'm sorry. Really I am. =(
[4/16/2012 9:33:14 AM] Ratdeath: could we do it in another way? like someone else starts the call?
[4/16/2012 9:33:22 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): That would work.
[4/16/2012 9:33:33 AM] Ratdeath: ok let’s test that after this round
[4/16/2012 9:33:39 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Sounds good to me.
[4/16/2012 9:35:32 AM] *** Call ended, duration 24:47 ***
[4/16/2012 9:35:39 AM] *** Group call ***
[4/16/2012 9:36:46 AM] Ratdeath: just make sure everyone's mic is on mute when not in use
[4/16/2012 9:37:37 AM] Ratdeath: can’t hear Ug very clear, but you can refer to the question / type it and we can then talk, and you can record your voice later on offline
[4/16/2012 9:38:09 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): B. Indispensable Traits
[4/16/2012 9:38:17 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): The stuff that you cannot live without
[4/16/2012 9:38:24 AM] Hithdraug: beer?
[4/16/2012 9:38:31 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): You'd be crazy not to have these traits on your warg at all times
[4/16/2012 9:38:33 AM] Ratdeath: haha say it
[4/16/2012 9:38:43 AM] Ratdeath: hithy says 'beer'
[4/16/2012 9:40:25 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Any of the racials stand out as always being good to have?
[4/16/2012 9:40:33 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Not that there's much variety there . . .
[4/16/2012 9:40:54 AM] Hithdraug: oh I can’t remember those
[4/16/2012 9:40:56 AM] Ratdeath: just the four legged foe
[4/16/2012 9:41:08 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): No worries hithy
[4/16/2012 9:41:18 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Rat, you're up. So cover Class and Race.
[4/16/2012 9:41:22 AM] Ratdeath: I can talk about them I have my warg logged in
[4/16/2012 9:41:23 AM] Hithdraug: I'm the worst technical warg on any server :)
[4/16/2012 9:42:02 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): The next two categories are: Optional Traits, and Rubbish.
[4/16/2012 9:42:18 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Optional is a good place to talk about your corruption build since it's preferential.
[4/16/2012 9:42:34 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): And I'll mention it again when we get there.
[4/16/2012 9:45:35 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Did that come through?
[4/16/2012 9:45:35 AM] Hithdraug: all I can hear is someone putting bolts in a blender
[4/16/2012 9:45:42 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): &#^%^(#%^(!!!
[4/16/2012 9:45:44 AM] Ratdeath: understood nothing
[4/16/2012 9:45:52 AM] Ratdeath: but I can read your question
[4/16/2012 9:46:02 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): We go in reverse order
[4/16/2012 9:46:07 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Uz-Rat-Hithy
[4/16/2012 9:46:15 AM] Hithdraug: oh I have the document
[4/16/2012 9:46:15 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Talk about Optional traits
[4/16/2012 9:46:19 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Click the speech bubble
[4/16/2012 9:46:23 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Bottom left corner
[4/16/2012 9:46:46 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I'll give you a moment to read over it.
[4/16/2012 9:47:42 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Rubbish is DON'T Slot it. EVER!
[4/16/2012 9:48:53 AM] Ratdeath: anyone else here ?
[4/16/2012 9:48:57 AM] Ratdeath: other then me and Uz
[4/16/2012 9:49:06 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I'm here
[4/16/2012 9:49:19 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I think Hithy's bored
[4/16/2012 9:49:26 AM] Ratdeath: beered out !
[4/16/2012 9:49:38 AM] Hithdraug: I have a beer, never bored with beer!
[4/16/2012 9:50:37 AM] Uzgaroth: I feel like such a idiot.....I don't know the class well....why am I here?
[4/16/2012 9:50:50 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I don't know, you're always playing it.
[4/16/2012 9:50:58 AM] Hithdraug: because Ratty has a lovely accent! thats why!
[4/16/2012 9:51:09 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Shhh! Don't tell him the truth!
[4/16/2012 9:51:25 AM] Uzgaroth: you guys are brutal....
[4/16/2012 9:51:51 AM] Ratdeath: ;P
[4/16/2012 9:51:58 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Do I still sound like a gravel sorter?
[4/16/2012 9:52:08 AM] Uzgaroth: si senor
[4/16/2012 9:52:10 AM] Hithdraug: gravel snorter? sore nose?
[4/16/2012 9:52:23 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Okay Hithy, go!
[4/16/2012 9:53:41 AM] Uzgaroth: is there a tornado there Hity?  The sirens going off?
[4/16/2012 9:53:55 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): We think it's his coffe grinder
[4/16/2012 9:54:02 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Or the spin cycle on his Washing machine.
[4/16/2012 9:54:12 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Okay, back to standard order
[4/16/2012 9:54:21 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Any traits that are utterly useless?
[4/16/2012 9:54:22 AM] Hithdraug: It's the fan on this silly netbook
[4/16/2012 9:54:33 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Hithy is first
[4/16/2012 9:55:38 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Okay, sounds good. YOu got anything to add to that Rat?
[4/16/2012 9:57:25 AM] Uzgaroth: nothing to add....
[4/16/2012 9:57:34 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I'm trying my other microphone, is it working?
[4/16/2012 9:57:43 AM] Ratdeath: very well
[4/16/2012 9:57:44 AM] Hithdraug: yup
[4/16/2012 9:57:48 AM] Uzgaroth: excellent now
[4/16/2012 9:59:56 AM] Ratdeath: yah its 300 sec reduction so 5 mins
[4/16/2012 10:01:54 AM] Ratdeath: haha
[4/16/2012 10:03:55 AM] Ratdeath: haha
[4/16/2012 10:04:35 AM] Ratdeath: haha
[4/16/2012 10:08:03 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Didn't quite catch that.
[4/16/2012 10:08:18 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I just got disconnected.
[4/16/2012 10:08:53 AM] Ratdeath: ok
[4/16/2012 10:09:00 AM] Ratdeath: Hithy or me?
[4/16/2012 10:09:04 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Ratdeath
[4/16/2012 10:09:07 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I got Hithy
[4/16/2012 10:09:30 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Ah not again!
[4/16/2012 10:10:41 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Looks like I got dumped entirely
[4/16/2012 10:10:44 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Let's try that again
 [4/16/2012 10:12:02 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Alright, third time's the charm!
 [4/16/2012 10:12:15 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I still didn't get anything but the tail end of your story there
[4/16/2012 10:12:36 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Okay
[4/16/2012 10:12:39 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Good enough
[4/16/2012 10:12:49 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Wait a minute before we go to Uz.
[4/16/2012 10:13:01 AM] Hithdraug: quick afk
[4/16/2012 10:13:15 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I have an ISP to bludgeon with my laptop battery.
[4/16/2012 10:13:27 AM] Ratdeath: get on follow Hithy
[4/16/2012 10:14:46 AM] Hithdraug: back
[4/16/2012 10:15:08 AM] Ratdeath: heh
[4/16/2012 10:16:04 AM] Ratdeath: You maggots make me sick! We lost the Singaporian Internet Connection!
[4/16/2012 10:16:15 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): It's Cambodian.
[4/16/2012 10:16:27 AM] Ratdeath: just lost LC in game
[4/16/2012 10:16:35 AM] Hithdraug:  he'll reappear at the ISP rez circle
[4/16/2012 10:17:55 AM] Hithdraug: I bought my Real-Life Identity off ebay
[4/16/2012 10:18:11 AM] Hithdraug: $20
[4/16/2012 10:18:31 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): This is better than the BA roundtable, and we had Gutlard for that!
[4/16/2012 10:18:47 AM] Hithdraug: Lardybaby!
[4/16/2012 10:18:58 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): He was really well behaved, I was shocked!
[4/16/2012 10:19:24 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Alright Uz, your turn for the Weaknesses
[4/16/2012 10:23:17 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Restarting router. Back in ~2 minutes.
[4/16/2012 10:23:45 AM] Ratdeath: is that a train?
[4/16/2012 10:30:43 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Of all the Roundtables to not have Merric on, it had to be this one.
If he was here we could just tag-team and keep the thing rolling and we'd be finished by now.
[4/16/2012 10:31:38 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Let me just say, thank you for putting up with all this internet connection garbage. You guys have been really patient and I really, REALLY appreciate it.
[4/16/2012 10:31:50 AM] Hithdraug: it’s ok Uggy
[4/16/2012 10:31:53 AM] Uzgaroth: our pleasure Ug
[4/16/2012 10:32:04 AM] Ratdeath: if there was part of it needed rerecording, we could do it
[4/16/2012 10:32:09 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Yes, but I had to let you know that.
[4/16/2012 10:32:38 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Alright. We need to start the Starting playstyle and store purchase thing over again, so Uz.
[4/16/2012 10:32:41 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): You are up!
[4/16/2012 10:32:54 AM] Ratdeath: we had fun, always nice to meet my tow favorite tribesmate
[4/16/2012 10:33:08 AM] Ratdeath: two*
[4/16/2012 10:34:10 AM] Hithdraug: we are all members of A'Warg Quaeda
[4/16/2012 10:34:10 AM] Ratdeath: on toes
[4/16/2012 10:34:20 AM] Ratdeath: hehe
[4/16/2012 10:34:54 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Okay then.
[4/16/2012 10:35:26 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): The store question is this: If a new person is going to buy something from the store, what would you suggest they get toget the most bang for their buck?
[4/16/2012 10:35:36 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): *to get
[4/16/2012 10:37:03 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Did you catch any of that?
[4/16/2012 10:37:42 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Fair enough
[4/16/2012 10:38:40 AM] Uzgaroth: he's gone again
[4/16/2012 10:39:05 AM] Hithdraug: up and down like a kangaroo on a pogo stick
[4/16/2012 10:39:32 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I know we're getting pretty late for the East Coast there. So we'll give this another 15 minutes or so but if we still haven't gotten to Small Grouping (on the Outline) I think I'll call it and Re-schedule for another day to finish the roundtable.
[4/16/2012 10:39:37 AM] Hithdraug: yup work early tomorrow
[4/16/2012 10:39:47 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): If we re-schedule it will basically be for next Friday.
[4/16/2012 10:39:53 AM] Hithdraug: I've not been in the Moors all day
[4/16/2012 10:40:36 AM] Ratdeath: battery of headset down now
[4/16/2012 10:41:16 AM] Ratdeath: back
[4/16/2012 10:41:28 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Kumai New Year will be over then so everyone should be back to work and things should be functioning a bit more consistently.
[4/16/2012 10:42:18 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Also, I need to let you know that of all 4 Roundtables I have already done. This is the WORST in terms of Internet problems by an insane factor.
[4/16/2012 10:42:50 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): And thank you once again for being so patient and putting up with everything.
[4/16/2012 10:44:28 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Alright, one final effort.
[4/16/2012 10:46:19 AM] Ratdeath: I have 15 mins then have to go get ready for work
[4/16/2012 10:47:01 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Yeah, I think we're going to have to call it a wash for now.
[4/16/2012 10:47:16 AM] Ratdeath: I hope you got some good 'footage'
[4/16/2012 10:47:20 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I'll see what I've got and we'll try this again on Friday
[4/16/2012 10:47:26 AM] Ratdeath: right
[4/16/2012 10:47:28 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Thank you for coming, you guys were fantastic
[4/16/2012 10:47:39 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): And Hithy, THis is for you:
[4/16/2012 10:48:12 AM] Ratdeath: thanks Ug, I may not be able to get this early again but you and me can do our part of interview at another time n then you can incorporate it in the recording
[4/16/2012 10:48:29 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Don't worry, I'll work around your schedule.
[4/16/2012 10:48:49 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Fridays we can start later since people stay up later anyway
[4/16/2012 10:49:03 AM] Ratdeath: yeah friday is my weekend day
[4/16/2012 10:49:10 AM] Hithdraug: but I get REALLY drunk on Fridays!
[4/16/2012 10:49:16 AM] Uzgaroth: ROFL
[4/16/2012 10:50:12 AM] Ratdeath: saturday is also a weekend
[4/16/2012 10:50:16 AM] Ratdeath: friday sat
[4/16/2012 10:50:30 AM] Hithdraug: ok Uggy
[4/16/2012 10:50:48 AM] Ratdeath: hehe
[4/16/2012 10:51:03 AM] Hithdraug: see you in game in a bit
[4/16/2012 10:51:13 AM] Ratdeath: ok thanks all
[4/16/2012 10:51:15 AM] *** Call ended, duration 1:02:13 ***
[4/16/2012 10:51:18 AM] Ratdeath: see you

[4/21/2012 9:05:31 AM] *** Group call ***
 [4/21/2012 9:07:42 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Had a blackout that knocked out the internet
 [4/21/2012 9:09:34 AM] Uzgaroth: Where is Pup and Rat?
[4/21/2012 9:09:59 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I do not know
[4/21/2012 9:11:08 AM] Uzgaroth: thanks Hithy, I added him....and Rat from last time.
[4/21/2012 9:11:42 AM] Uzgaroth: JOY
[4/21/2012 9:12:04 AM] Uzgaroth: did you try to call them Ug?
[4/21/2012 9:12:19 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Working on it.
[4/21/2012 9:12:23 AM] Uzgaroth: okay
[4/21/2012 9:12:26 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Add Merric to the call
[4/21/2012 9:12:37 AM] Uzgaroth: who dat?
[4/21/2012 9:12:44 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Another podcaster
[4/21/2012 9:12:52 AM] Uzgaroth: not a player?
[4/21/2012 9:12:52 AM] Hithdraug: is it contagious?
[4/21/2012 9:13:05 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I let him throw these up on his podcast as well to reach a larger, broader audience
[4/21/2012 9:13:13 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): No, not as far as I know . . .
[4/21/2012 9:13:33 AM] Uzgaroth: poor fellow, he is going to be bored outta his mind
[4/21/2012 9:13:37 AM] Hithdraug: which reminds me - do we get paid in cash, bacon, or elf minstrels?
[4/21/2012 9:13:42 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Oh no, he loves these.
[4/21/2012 9:13:48 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Ummm . . .
[4/21/2012 9:13:53 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): You get paid in these:
[4/21/2012 9:14:20 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[4/21/2012 9:14:25 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): I'm being held!!
[4/21/2012 9:14:40 AM] Hithdraug: What’s the exchange rate of the “AAAAA” to girl elf minstrel muffins?
[4/21/2012 9:15:04 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): You'd have to ask ******, I don't keep track of that.
[4/21/2012 9:15:11 AM] Ivaneus (TTP):
And she'll rip you off
[4/21/2012 9:15:54 AM] Hithdraug: ok how about a tub of bacon flavoured ice-cream, served on Jaydewyn, and no spoon?
[4/21/2012 9:16:20 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Will we then learn the answer to the question, "How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a a Ministrel-pop?
[4/21/2012 9:16:29 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): That would be worth it.
[4/21/2012 9:16:37 AM] Hithdraug: I've no idea - but I'm willing to find out
[4/21/2012 9:17:16 AM] Uzgaroth: just ran into Pup on Skype and then lost him
[4/21/2012 9:17:27 AM] Uzgaroth: Nothing about Rat....
[4/21/2012 9:17:44 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): What about Merric, did you add him yet?
[4/21/2012 9:17:58 AM] Uzgaroth: who is hosting the call?
[4/21/2012 9:18:04 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): You are
[4/21/2012 9:18:12 AM] Uzgaroth: holy ****
[4/21/2012 9:18:21 AM] Hithdraug: Muffins?
[4/21/2012 9:18:27 AM] Hithdraug: or Dwarf Socks?
[4/21/2012 9:18:41 AM] Uzgaroth: Contact received from Uzgaroth
[4/21/2012 9:19:10 AM] Uzgaroth: I don't know how to add him to the conversation?  You?
[4/21/2012 9:19:46 AM] Uzgaroth: sure
[4/21/2012 9:19:58 AM] *** Call ended, duration 11:49 ***
[4/21/2012 9:20:01 AM] *** Group call ***
[4/21/2012 9:20:05 AM] *** Ivaneus (TTP) added Merric ***
[4/21/2012 9:23:24 AM] Uzgaroth: WARG JUSTICE
[4/21/2012 9:24:49 AM] Uzgaroth: well, I just got a good look at Pup on his cam....
[4/21/2012 9:25:34 AM] Uzgaroth: Pup is online
[4/21/2012 9:25:47 AM] *** Ivaneus (TTP) added Puptrippz ***
[4/21/2012 9:25:56 AM] Uzgaroth: missing Rat.
[4/21/2012 9:26:33 AM] Uzgaroth: anybody in game atm?  Is Rat there?  BTW, Ug, you mic is bad
[4/21/2012 9:26:55 AM] Uzgaroth: stop the heavy breathing Pup!
[4/21/2012 9:28:11 AM] Uzgaroth: Pup...we can hear you panting....
[4/21/2012 9:29:42 AM] Uzgaroth: nope
[4/21/2012 9:29:54 AM] Uzgaroth: how come?
[4/21/2012 9:30:22 AM] Uzgaroth: Pup is on probation
[4/21/2012 9:30:53 AM] Uzgaroth: potty fingers right?
[4/21/2012 9:33:08 AM] Uzgaroth: I miss Kynji
[4/21/2012 9:33:57 AM] Uzgaroth: Where is Tabasco and her muffins?
[4/21/2012 9:34:05 AM] Hithdraug: in a galaxy, far, far away
[4/21/2012 9:34:36 AM] Uzgaroth: too bad..she is mathematical genius w/ a sexy voice
 [4/21/2012 9:35:43 AM] Hithdraug: buttered elves or honey-coated hobbits
[4/21/2012 9:36:49 AM] Uzgaroth: the fervor for GW2 is pretty fever pitch....Meatgrinder was trying to proselytize me to play.....
[4/21/2012 9:36:58 AM] Hithdraug: don't mention Meat
 [4/21/2012 9:38:22 AM] Uzgaroth: Pup, mute you mic if you are going to breath hard.
[4/21/2012 9:39:46 AM] Uzgaroth: should we reschedule to try to get Rat back.. I do think she has a lot to add
[4/21/2012 9:41:01 AM] Uzgaroth: the what?
[4/21/2012 9:42:59 AM] Uzgaroth: want to sent it to my gmail account?
[4/21/2012 9:44:11 AM] Hithdraug: Pup Mute your mic til you talk
[4/21/2012 9:44:37 AM] Hithdraug: just click the mic icon
[4/21/2012 9:44:42 AM] Hithdraug: then click it back
[4/21/2012 9:58:51 AM] Uzgaroth: AFK?
[4/21/2012 10:49:43 AM] Ratdeath: sorry sorry
[4/21/2012 10:49:53 AM] Uzgaroth: we missed you!
[4/21/2012 10:49:54 AM] Ratdeath: I thought it was Sunday,
[4/21/2012 10:50:11 AM] Ratdeath: yeah, totally mixed it up
[4/21/2012 10:51:15 AM] Uzgaroth: good morning Rat!
[4/21/2012 10:51:21 AM] Ratdeath: morning!
[4/21/2012 10:51:32 AM] Hithdraug: I so need a copy of this
[4/21/2012 10:51:36 AM] Ratdeath: ok, who are the wargs on the table today?
[4/21/2012 10:51:47 AM] Uzgaroth: [Insert name] is Pup
[4/21/2012 10:51:52 AM] Hithdraug: it's a Suicidal Warg Special
[4/21/2012 10:52:03 AM] Ratdeath: hey Pup
[4/21/2012 10:52:06 AM] Hithdraug: we ate him?
[4/21/2012 10:52:14 AM] Ratdeath: and tp is?
[4/21/2012 10:52:24 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): Through the Palantir
[4/21/2012 10:52:33 AM] Ratdeath: ok
[4/21/2012 10:52:41 AM] Ivaneus (TTP): A Casual Stroll to Mordor
[4/21/2012 10:53:30 AM] Ratdeath: nice!
[4/21/2012 10:53:54 AM] Ratdeath: I am afraid
[4/21/2012 10:56:51 AM] Uzgaroth: thanks Ug!
[4/21/2012 10:56:55 AM] Uzgaroth: lol
[4/21/2012 10:57:05 AM] Ratdeath: ok
[4/21/2012 10:57:11 AM] Ratdeath: sure
[4/21/2012 10:57:24 AM] Uzgaroth: Rat it sounds like you need a cup of tea/coffee or something
[4/21/2012 10:57:32 AM] Hithdraug: bye peeps
[4/21/2012 10:57:59 AM] Ratdeath: bye everyone else, I will be in the moors shortly
[4/21/2012 11:06:22 AM] *** Call ended, duration 1:46:17 ***

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