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Episode 25: Warleaders are Whacko

After (and in spite of) many delays due to flying into a different country, equipment failure, and manually building a wall for a week episode 25 has arrived! Join Ivaneus and his guest Warleaders, Buppkiss and Burglartarget, as they plump the depths of the class in their roundtable discussion, and talk about Dev diaries and other news before Update 6. But with Merric mysteriously missing from the roundtable the minds of these miscreants will be moved in a myriad of tangents and directions that you will not want to miss a moment of! So ready yourself for your podcast listening experience and embark on yet another journey Through the Palantir.

You can download Episode 25 here.


  1. I really enjoyed this roundtable. In fact, I just rolled a new warleader on landroval to try the class out

    1. I'm glad to hear that because one of the main goals is to not only help out people who already play the class, but to give a ton of help to those who are new to the class or who might be interested in it after hearing what we have to say about it. So it's great to hear that we're successfully accomplishing those objectives and I look forward to seeing you in the Ettenmoors.

    2. Yeah, I've been enjoying it a lot so far, but the skill costs are ridiculous. I made rank 3 on Sauruk today, but I have only been able to buy one skill so far, and I still don't have the banner of terror or the bubble yet, besides having not having any traits. I don't remember having nearly as much trouble buying skills on Chomper (my warg) back when dp were used.

  2. Great job. Found my way here from the forum posts. Thanks for the help. I'm an old time WL from beta, but am just getting back to PvMP. Name's Razalgul. Hope to see you in the 'moors.