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Episode 24: Defilers, Discourse, and Defacement

Defiler Roundtable! Update 6 Dev Diaries and Previews! New Communication Methods! All this and more is contained in this more than two hour long episode of TTPalantir goodness. So get out the spoon and dig in because this one is chunky and choc full of in depth discussion and analysis from your host and the roundtable guests and is not to be missed! -Ivan

You can download episode 24 here.


  1. Nice job Ivaneus! Thorough explanation of the Defiler. I look forward to other creep round tables :)

  2. Thanks for the appreciation, and I have fixed a microphone problem so I should be able to finally correct some errors in the episode I've had waiting for two weeks and have it up in approximately one day along with the Warleader Roundtable.