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Episode 22: A Lull in the Holidays

Join Ivaneus, Ivan, and me in this episode of Through the Palantir as we discuss the Instance cluster from Update 5, what we have done since December, and a new sponsor?!? Is that even legal?!?! Possibly. You'll just have to listen and find out for yourself! Also included is a new newbies rundown of the Ettenmoors as well as Ivan's thoughts on ideal group composition in PvMP and an abudant lack of emails, comments and messages to respond to. Looks like Ivaneus will have to delve into the horros of real life to find more things to talk about. So pull up a chair, pop some Apirin (or painkillers) and get ready for another trip Through the Palantir. Enjoy. -Ivaneus

You can download Episode 22 here.

1 comment:

  1. Greetings Ivan, Glad you are pressing on despite the chaotic life changes of your merry band. Yes, I am taking pity upon your lack of feedback and encouraging you to soldier on..or Orc on whatever the case may be.
    Here are some questions to chew on. I am interested in finding out more about communication channels in the Moors. What do Creeps typically use for regional chat. Can they actually monitor Freep channels like GLFF (Unite in Vilya) or regionional/OOC in the Moors? I have always assumed there were rules in place to keep each side from eavesdropping on the other, but am not certain. You obviously don't see Creep names in GLFF so are they cut off from the rest of the community as they play? or do their communications appear under their main Freeps names, etc.. I am sure some log in under two accounts to get around this. Any insight as to how comms channels are used in general would be appreciated.
    Secondly, I wanted to ask more about the Delving of Fror, It's one of the few spaces in the game I have never fully explored (aside from one suicide run on my Guard to see how far he could get). In almost 4 years of playing, I think I have heard a Delving of Fror run called for in Unite (GLFF) perhaps once. Is it that boring, hard or lacking in rewards? or is that that not too many players know the ins and outs and are comfortable leading a group there? Do the boss fights require strat or are they basically big tank and spanks? How does the layout compare aesthtetically to other instances in the game in your opinion? How long does a full clear-out of Deliving typically take for an average group? (assuming no interference from the other side)
    Thanks for the insight and Happy Belated Birthday.
    Cheers, Braag of Vilya, Kin-leader of Eriador's Knights. (only Rank 5 Sadly)