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Episode 19: Our Shortest One Yet!

Join Matthrim and Drilorin as they dissect a pair of dev diaries in record time (for TTP) and assure you that we are NOT dead.

You can download Episode 19 here.


  1. Glad to see you're not dead. I was beginning to wonder! Welcome back, guys! :D

  2. Great to hear the sound of you guys again. Would just like to clarify - I believe the itemization page referring to the similarity between pieces of gear relates better to upgrades for similar items. For example: some of the best instance earring drops at the moment for melle classes is the Tolloch from SG third boss and Searenzer from NCF last boss. Now, searenzer was released in a later instance cluster than tolloch, and is technically better in every single way. However, and this is a big however, they have the exact same stats, just kicked up by around 5 when you switch to saerenzer. Thus, people will say this is not worth it and will not bother running NCF for that piece because their old one was too similar. Another example that stood out to me while leveling my hunter, was that all bracelets have a ton of agility. I believe currently my two bracelets combined give me somewhere around 120-130 agility. However, again, the upgrades for bracelets, my largest source of agility, goes up by not too much, starting at around 50 on some of the HoC or similar stuff, and topping off at 70 from the insanely awesome super rare one from BG. That is 1 year, an entire expansion, and six more people, all for 20 more agility. I am very glad they are finally changing this.

    PS, The anuminas armor in all 3 sets has extremely wacky stats compared to all the other sets.