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Status Report - December 1st and the November Update

Well things have been pretty crazy lately on this side of the Palantir. We just finished off a collaborative segment with Lotro Reporter this week and Drilorin is in the middle of moving to the USA.

We recorded Episode 13 almost 2 weeks ago but I have not had an opportunity to even start editing it yet.

As for stuff coming out: Well we have tenative plans to record a bit more for Segment 13 relating directly to the launch of the November Update and how that has gone as well in addition to a few things we did not get to in the first recording session and we'll also talk about the results of the poll if we can manage to record.

The other thing coming is our next Bundle of Superior Tictacs and the exclusive Behind the Scenes of those Segments! This will also require more recording with Drilorin which will be difficult while he is traveling but might not be impossible. However don't expect anything to suddenly appear next week.

The final thing to address is that because of Drilorin traveling, busy schedules, Turkey overload, etc. we are taking a short break from recording the podcast. We will not be recording again before the 20th of December at the soonest so don't hold your breath. I personally will try to see if we can get anything done around then but don't expect anything. But we will certainly be back to recording in January so don't worry that we'll be leaving. We will continue to record Lotro Reporter segments in the interim since those are easy to record due to the short recording sessions involved.

Anyway, you can catch us in-game and we will be back to recording soon. In the meantime, good luck and have fun in game!


  1. I'm sorry, this is not allowed. I demand more TTP! NOWZ!!!!!!A@@A@@@

    pretty please? :(

  2. Seriously, man? You're signing off as Ivanmog now?

  3. I sign off as many different things. I just happen to usually save my crazier ones for emails and the like.

    And Merric, blame Drilorin for all the not recording we're doing!


    -Ivan the Conspicuous