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Episode 9: So Much for the Rush Job

Recording just prior to the Lotro F2P headstart; Ivaneus, Matthrim and Drilorin were confident of their chances of getting the Episode out before F2P. Unfortunately reality had a slightly different agenda. Join Ivaneus, Matthrim, and Drilorin as they go through the final news and attempt to get you ready for the free to play headstart and launch which have already happened. We also plough through several listener questions and comments and give you the first part of our new Combat Mechanics section: Armor Rating and what it does. So sit back, relax, and get ready for some Lotro dissection.

You can download Episode 9 here.

*Once again we ran into a problem uploading the Episode, but I have definitively nailed down how to prevent this from happening again so this won't be a problem again. Once again I suggest you use the guide to make sure you have the correct version if you are using iTunes.


  1. Awesome episode guys (Driloran has a voice made for radio!) I realise why your episode is so long - you repeat the first 40 minutes!

    Jestro of Windfola

  2. Yes, we found that issue and corrected it. But alas, getting the new version to overwrite the old one is impossible for all.

    And my attempt to make sure the Episode wouldn't do that after I lost connection on the first upload attempt failed. But I know why it failed and how to make sure it won't happen again!

    And thanks for the comment! Even if I am jealous about the abuse that the recording equipment gives to my voice and not to Dril's. *grrr*