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Episode 4 is experiencing Technical Difficulties

Alright here's what happened, I posted The first version of Episode 4 and then listened to it and found a slight problem with it that then corrected. I reposted the Episode and didn't listen to it /facepalm

about 18 hours later I found out that because of the deletion of a WAV file almost all of Drilorin's audio had been wiped from the new version of the Episode. I have, however, fixed the problem by re-creating the WAV file and have re-uploaded the re-re-edited version of Episode 4.

For those of you using iTunes I have also created this easy to use, color coded visual guide on how to get the new version of Episode 4 downloaded. The directions are written below the pictures (which are slightly too large for the blog, you'll need to click on them to view them properly) for those of you who don't need the visual guide.



1) Right Click on Episode 4.
2) Click Delete and click "Move File to Trash/Recycle Bin/Mordor".
3) Click the Unsubscribe button.
4) Click the Subscribe button.

Sorry for all the technical difficulties. I should've previewed it again before uploading the fixed version.


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