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Episode 2, re-released with no music

Due to listener requests episode 2 is now availible with no background music. The link will not start the download, as we do not want to have episode 2 show up twice on iTunes and other feeds. It's here if you want to have it with no music. We will discuss the background music issues in Episode 3.
Until then, enjoy.

And here it is.


  1. Thanks for the episode sans music! Much better to listen to and concentrate on your dialog and conversation. The post production work is appreciated, but we're here to listen to you not the music so much. Looking forward to more episodes.

  2. Thank you for listening. We're just trying some different things out, and there were some editing hiccups, so to speak. The next episode will be a little delayed (we were shooting for this last weekend, but things came up [computer failure and life]) but we'll be having it out soon-ish.