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Episode 5: Melodrama, Moors, and Manatees

At long last, the Ettenmoors Episode is here! With all of its 4 hour glory, this episode is not for the faint of heart! Join Ivaneus, Matthrim, Drilorin, Ugmog, and their Manatees as they introduce you to the zone known as the Ettenmoors and the part of the game known as PvMP. Our intrepid band also tackles Lotro's move to free to play and gives you all the details. You can find maps of the Ettenmoors on our blog and don't forget to vote on our poll regarding how long our episodes should be.

You can download Episode 5 here.

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Edit by Drilorin: Found that screenshot I mention during the orc stealth segment.


  1. We totally should have rerecorded the beginning with me there, because I HAVE run every Moria instance, at least parts of them. Don't believe I've finished DD or Skum, and haven't beaten 16th's final boss, but I've been there.

  2. I'm also a heavy supporter of deed-based radiance. Not just high-end deeds, but just about every deed giving radiance. One or two points for, say, a slayer deed in lone-lands. That kind of thing. Because that makes a lot more sense from a lore perspective.

  3. Well we can debate it on Episode 6 =).

  4. Howdy guys. Started listening to the episode. Loving it so far! I'll let you know when I finish. On schedule so far for some time in 2012.....

  5. Is this what happens when I ask you to podcast more? If so, keep it up!!

  6. I was in that Star Trek raid in the 'Moors. It was great fun, since I'm a huge Trekkie. I tried to play Star Trek Online, but it hasn't been able to pull me away from LOTRO just yet!

    I have a secret to share about the hatchlings (baby spiders) and drawing aggro by bringing them to the NPCs. I use to group with some other high level creeps (rank eight plus) and I would put the hatchlings on someone. That person would think, "I'll pull them to the NPCs!" Yet, I would run the opposite dirrection and the NPCs would bug out. My party will go in and kill the freep without worrying about the NPCs, since they are all bugged on me. The trick is for them to kill the freep fast enough and for me not to run away too far.

  7. That's really cool. I wonder if a similar thing could be done with the captain's herald--though I believe the herald disapears if the captain gets too far.

    Were you in the singing raid?

  8. Hey guys, great episode! A must listen for anyone interested in the moors. I have 2 rank 4's and a rank 5 and picked up all sorts of things from you. I only have two suggestions/comments for you:
    - next time you might want to split it up into different episodes as 4 hours is a tad daunting.
    - the audio seemed a little off sometimes and you went from very loud to very quiet, and some folks more then others. It quite possibly could have been me, but I listened to it both on my computer and ipod.

  9. The audio problems were mostly me. I had a new mic for the recording and I had yet to figure out that it should actually NOT be brushing my cheek every time my jaw moves. :eyeroll:

  10. Fantastic episode. Makes me want to go back out to the Moors, as I haven't been there as a freep for about two years, and never as a creep.
    I liked this episode so much, I made an original piece of art that I feels captures the essence of the podcast.

  11. Thank you very much for your piece of original, totally not 'shopped artwork. And thanks for listening to the whole beast!

  12. Just found you guys a little while ago, and have been listening to all the back episodes. I especially enjoyed this one, both for the length and the content. You guys are fun to listen to, and you really play off each other well. Now for episode 16...