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The Logjam

First off, Through the Palantir is still not dead.

You may recall how in my last episode I spoke of moving to a new hosting service so that getting backed up etc. would not happen again?

Oh Irony, you are cruel.

Liberated Syndication has proven to be unsatisfactory for the hosting requirements of this podcast. This led to frustration and coupled with other distractions led to me wandering away for a while.

But as I write this, I currently have episode 47 still waiting to be posted up and episodes 48-51 are all on my editing table in various states of post editing.

I could have, should have fixed this sooner. But I am going to clear this logjam. And when I do, there will be a lot of content to show for it.

Sorry for the missed months, and sadly I think we're all used to schedule slip here. But once again I'll just have to put the past in the past and strive to do better in the future.



Episode 46: Lost in the Deep

It's been a while and a lot has happened. But I am back once again, because the uncomfortable stillness just doesn't stick to Through the Palantir. This is not a standard episode, but it's hardly a standard podcast to begin with so we'll let it slide. I discuss Helm's Deep, where I have been, and more and kick off yet another round of this podcast in usual style. Hopefully you're all still interested in seeing things Through the Palantir.

You can download Episode 46 here.


Episode 45: Of Warleaders and ME-N

Another Episode has landed, Happy July of the Fourthing and Canada Day since this was in the final stage of editing when those holidays occurred. Anyway, the news is light this time around but we still manage to fill plenty with loads of Bloopers, Roundtable goodness where we try new things, and some news about the podcast proper. There's plenty to take in some clean the wax from your ears and pay good attention and hopefully you'll be of more use to Lugburz than just another building block for the corpse ramp to the top of Minas Tirith's wall.

You can download Episode 45 here.


Episode 44: Four Legs Good

On this episode of Through the Palantir: Wargs! Fur everywhere! It's a whole pack! They just keep coming from the shadows! Also, discussion of how Update 11 has turned out, what it has brought and what has excited and what fell flat, and then our glorious two and a half hour plus long roundtable with six wargs. Yes, six. So standby for wargy goodness in episode 44 of Through the Palantir.

You can download Episode 44 here.


Episode 43: You Have to Be Crazy To Play a Reaver

One month late but finally here, it is the Reaver Roundtable. Thrill as old news is revealed and speculation is made on updates that have already come to pass! Be amazed as your host demonstrates his ability to ramble once again! Be enraptured by the power of exclamation points and imperative statements in the description! And finally, settle in for a massive breakdown on the sword swinging psychopaths we know and love called the Reavers.

You can download Episode 43 here.


Episode 42: It's All About the Slimes

Despite Delays, Through the Palantir is back with another episode and another Roundtable. This time around we discuss Update 10.1 bring on a whole crew of Defilers to spread their spores and salves, and of course, talk about plenty more news so sit back for another episode of Through the Palantir.

You can download Episode 42 here.


Episode 41: Pick Up a Shield and Never Look Back

It is now open season on Roundtables here at Through the Palantir! Within this episode we have the Black Arrow Roundtable as well as a smorgasbord of Update 10 news, analysis, etc. and plenty more. To find out exactly how much we have you'll just have to take a listen. Enjoy the Black Arrows now that my dogged persistence has prevailed and the Episode is up. -Ivaneus

You can download episode 41 here.


Error: The BA Roundtable is Too Intense for the Internet to Take

Well I'm gonna keep this short and to the point. I've been spending the last two days trying, and failing, to upload Episode 41, which has the Black Arrow Roundtable. I don't know what's going wrong, but the upload just keeps failing. I've reinstalled my software, redone firewall access, checked the hosting service, the works. Right now I'm at a total loss as to what I can do to fix the problem. Sure I could switch hosting services, swap to a different uploading platform, and roll with that from now on . . . but I'd rather not if I can avoid it.

In the meantime, I'm getting on with recording and editing the rest of Episode 42, I have the Defiler Roundtable recorded and on the Editing table. I also need to get some Reavers corralled for the Reaver Roundtable (I've got three so far counting me) and there's plenty in Real Life to distract me (like trying to put out fires with my bare hands [not my best plan, but at least I have fast reactions . . . and I like to attack rather than run]), so here's something worthy to keep you busy while I sort out the technical difficulties going on behind the curtain . . . and kick that freeloader Oz out of my editing studio again.


Road Map for the Year

Hey everyone, Ivan here.

I've been experimenting with some things some of which I've asked for feedback on and some of which I've just been doing. I figured it was time to go ahead and lay out a post with some goals and such in it so that you guys will know what's coming, I'll have a schedule/timeline, and you can keep me on track etc. Most people/companies/armadas/etc. would do something like this in January, but this is TTP so it doesn't come until the end of Winter (aka February) or when the Anniversary Episode is out. Anyway let's dive in:

1. Creep Roundtables

  • It's that time again, The plan this time is to go in alphabetical order with one Roundtable an episode for the next three months. You can still send an email, leave a comment, send a PM or tell in-game to let me know if you want to be part of this. But keep in mind that once a Roundtable has been recorded that class is finished until next year. The Rough Schedule will be:
    • Blackarrows - Early March
    • Defilers - Late March
    • Reavers - Early April
    • Stalkers - Late April
    • Warleaders - Early May
    • Weavers - Late May
2. Blog Update
  • The Blog Update has two phases, both of which should be in effect at/by the start of March. The first is that I will go through our links, host pages, etc. and clean them up and get them up to date. The second phase is an expansion of activity for the Blog. This blog will finally see use as more than an Episode Archive. But rather than try for the CstM approach (aka a LOTRO blog) Through the Palantir as a blog will chronicle random gaming and other activity for your enjoyment (hopefully). I brought this up in Episode 39 and 40 and I have decided to go forward with it. Some Specifcs for the blog update are:
    • Create Browsing Categories to allow you to find what your looking for (Podcast Episodes, specific genre/game, etc.)
    • Update out of date links and pages
    • Beginning posting about more than just the podcast.
    • Get on Middle Earth Network See if I get Emails about Middle Earth Network and respond accordingly.


Episode 40: Through the Palantir Turns Three!

Welcome to our anniversary episode! To celebrate this occasion I have dragged Matthrim out of hiding and back in front of a microphone as we tackle a little bit of game news, discuss what we've done, TTP's past, present, and future; as well as plenty of other stuff. I must apologize for the poor audio quality from me, I sound like my mic is hooked up to a meat grinder and Matthrim didn't say a single word. So as in all things, blame Matthrim. Hopefully you'll still enjoy the show.

You can download episode 40 here.